Expectation From iOS 4.3

Three hugely adored gadgets of Apple are based on a single thing; the iOS!! iOS runs iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad; and this is why every Apple lover awaits the next update to it. Good news is that an iOS update is just days ahead, and I have all the juicy details. Go on reading this article if you want to know what iOS 4.3 is bringing for you!

First of all, let us talk about the release date. Why Apple has chosen 14th of Feb to release iOS update is beyond me; but the date is almost confirmed.
Following are the details that I could gather; let us have a look at these:

  • iAd Full Screen Banners:

iAds have provided great feasibility to brands and developers in reaching their Apple using audience. Now, these iAds will be having full screen banners, thanks to iOS 4.3. iPad users will certainly be more entertained than iPhone and iPod Touch users when it comes to “Full Screen”; big display DOES matter!!!

  • Let the Camera Fun Begin!!

Apple had already won users’ hearts with FaceTime Camera; now there is more coming to it. News is that iOS 4.3 is going to bring many camera effects that will tend to please the clickers.

  • Make Use of WHOLE Hand; Three Fingers are Not Enough:

Here is one feature specific to iPad; the tablet will support four and five fingers multitouch gestures. To me, it sounds pretty complicated! Well, I will feel quite uneasy trying to use my entire hand for the purpose of switching between apps. Anyways, this is what Apple has decided.

  • Goodbye “Home” Button; for Good:

In favour of the above mentioned rather complex multitouch gestures, Apple has planned to wave goodbye to dear old Home button of the iPad. All of you who were annoyed with the tiny key will be much happier to use their tablet now.

  • Gamers!! Behold!!

This news is for you IF you are a passionate gamer; iOS 4.3 is believed to be bringing games along with a new controlling device, to the Apple TV. I can see you gleaming with joy!!

  • IPhone Becomes Your 3G Hotspot:

Yes; the iOS 4.3 update is bringing this cool feature along. Now, your iPhone will be able to work as a mobile 3G hotspot for up to five devices. Whether it comes to your iPhone or not depends on the carrier you have chosen!

  • Choose Between Mute and Orientation Lock:

This update will enable you to choose whether you want the side switch of iPad to work as a Mute button or a screen orientation lock. This will certainly compensate the trouble iOS 4.2 brought to the iPad users.

  • AirPlay Includes Third Party Apps:

iOS 3.2 is improving the AirPlay feature by including third party and web apps. Good news for Apple TV users!

  • End of iPhone 3G and Second Generation iPod Touch:

iPhone 3G as well as second generation iPod Touch is not going to get any benefit out of this upcoming update. This certainly means the death of these two devices!! Bad news for all iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2nd generation users!!

Take this information as much confirmed rumours. 14th Feb isn’t very far, we can wait till then to see what is coming to us, actually!

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  1. I hope that it’s released tomorrow because that’s when the unlock will be released.
    I’ve had my iPhone 4 for about 3 months and haven’t been able to fully use it.

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