Undoubtedly the Google Chromebook is skyrocketing but some fixes are still to be made in it for the convenience of the users. The very first thing that the users are of the view is the warning of the low disk space. Most of the time it happens that you are running of the low space on the disk but you keeps your mass market traction due to which there is the possibility that you end up in the mess. There is another way to check the low space disk by typing chrome: //quota-internals but this is not a convenient way. The modification in the form of the simple task bar pop-up window can easily ease the problem.

On the other hand uploading to the Google music is among the appalling issue among the number of people. This problem is not related to any other service but only to its own Google music service. There is no facility to upload the music to the Google drive and then copying the files to the music portal. Another way to proceed through is to use the Chrome remote desktop app. In order to download the music then again the copy is to be done to the other computer.


Beside these fixes, another fixe to be done in the Google Chromebook is of the Google Now as the browser. The Samsung galaxy S4 is among the leading cell phones nowadays. Although it is android but due to its Google Now service it is hitting the roof. The Google Now help in the navigation as the service will pop as soon as you are in the bus or you are on the drive to an airport.  It is also benefitted as it is among the best way to avail the voice search. The google.com site itself gives the voice search facility. The built-in microphones in the laptop are facilitated with this service.As this service is unavailable on the Chromebook, you cannot control it by speaking to it to perform the various functions. If these services are incorporated in the Chromebook it will get more acceptances and world over fame.

Printing is one of the services that is used by every second user and it is the routine work. Unfortunately the Chromebook is not providing its user with this facility. To somehow this feature may sound like the odd feature but it is of utmost importance. The printing facility given by the Chromebook if not user friendly as the procedure is not convenient. Google cloud print is used for this job of printing. The command of printing is further send to the holding bin, and after that the printing is routed by the printer such as HP Envy 120. To some people this option of printing seems to be useful as they can easily carry out printing when they are out of the office place. They have no worries to plug in a printer to the port which is often used for the USB. It locks out the users who are not technical such as those which are in office and whose requirement is just browsing and printing.

The important fix to be done in the Chromebook is of the Bluetooth streaming. The Bluetooth wireless speakers are of no use in most of the cases and there is inconvenience in connecting a stream audio to the laptop. Acer C7 Chromebook does not have that much Google speakers and the Bluetooth wireless speakers are valuable for them. The Google promises that soon they will fix the glitches in the Chromebook for the expediency of the people.

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