A report by the consulting firm Gartner highlights the main strategic technology trends that will have the greatest impact and will affect most companies in 2018. Some of these, with great disruptive potential, are already starting to float to a greater or lesser extent, but the forecasts suggest that interest will accelerate in the coming months. They are expected to grow rapidly and become the turning point that will consolidate their adoption within five years. “Technology managers must take these trends into account in their innovation strategies or run the risk of losing ground to those who do,” David Cearley, vice president of Gartner , said in a statement.

Artificial Intelligence To Make Decisions:

That artificial intelligence plays an important role in the industry we already knew. That the models of “machine learning” or “machine learning” have evolved rapidly, too. As we also know that there is still a long way to go. Hence, companies should base part of their business on this technology. They must exploit it to achieve optimal business results.

Artificial Intelligence To Make Decisions
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The creation of systems that learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously will be a great battlefield for technology manufacturers at least by 2020. The ability to use it to improve decision making, reinvent business models and ecosystems, will be the daily bread until 2025, when it is consolidated. “Artificial Intelligence techniques are evolving rapidly and organizations will have to invest significantly in improving their skills, their industrial processes and achieving tools in order to successfully exploit this technology,” Cearley estimates.

Smart Applications And Analysis:

In the coming years, the study stands out, practically all applications, applications and services will incorporate some level of Artificial Intelligence. Some of these business tools will be, for example, intelligent applications that could not exist an automatic learning system. This type of services will create a new intermediate layer between people and systems thanks to its potential to transform the nature of traditional work.

Smart Applications And Analysis
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“Explore smart applications as a way to increase human activity and not simply as a way to replace employees,” says the analyst. In his opinion, the power of an intelligent analytics will also be an area of great growth and that will allow to automate some processes such as the collection of data or the exchange of ideas. The challenge will be, therefore, to use Artificial Intelligence to add “business value”.

“Internet of Things” as a vehicle of change:

The era of hyperconnectivity has only just begun. With the impulse that the 5G networks, which are now in a development phase, will take, this so-called “Internet of Things” era will be reached. The approach is simple; connect electronic objects to “talk” to each other. Experts predict a large deployment of business models based on these intelligent objects. Thanks to them it will be possible, among other things, to interact more naturally with the environment, the relationship between human-machine will change and businesses based on other technologies will appear, such as the use of drones or the autonomous car.

Internet of Things as a vehicle of change
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All this will translate, in the opinion of the analysts, into an energy efficiency and a more sustainable business. Transportation and transportation services will be the main beneficiaries. “Currently, the use of autonomous vehicles in controlled environments is a fast growing area. We are likely to see examples of autopilot cars on some stretches of road in 2022, but its general use will still require a person in the driver’s seat. in case the technology fails unexpectedly, “says Cearley.

The Appearance Of A Digital Twin:

This idea refers to the digital representation of a real world entity or system. it consists of a virtual model identical to the product or space that we want. In this way, these “digital twins“, in the context of smart projects, will be very necessary in the next three years. Well defined, they will have the potential to achieve a better and more efficient decision making within the company. It is creating products from the virtual world.

The Appearance Of A Digital Twin
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“Over time, the digital representations of our world will be connected to an existing figure in the real world that will offer AI-based capabilities to enable the simulation and analysis of human behavior,” he adds. E-commerce companies, health services or digital strategy departments will be able to benefit from this long-term shift towards the integrated digital twin world.

A Transversal “Cloud”

They call it “edge computing” and describe a model based on information processing and content collection to get closer to the sources of this information. Greater connectivity and the reduction of latency will favor the appearance of distributed models. Companies should start using design patterns at the end of their computing infrastructures. Thanks to that, a non-centralized production model can be exploited. “The technology based on the cloud can be used to create a productive model aimed at providing services,” he says.

Conversational services:

Conversational services
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The conversation platforms will drive the next big paradigm shift in how human beings interact with the digital world. The platform takes a question or a command from the user and then responds by executing some function, presenting some content or requesting additional information. In the coming years, the conversation interfaces will become a prime design goal for user interaction and will be delivered in dedicated hardware, main features of the operating system, platforms and applications.

“Conversation platforms have reached a turning point in terms of understanding the user’s basic language and intention, but there is still work to be done,” Cearley suggests. “The challenge facing conversation platforms is that users must communicate in a very structured way and this is often a frustrating experience.”

A Greater Immersive Experience:

A Greater Immersive Experience
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The market for virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is currently a teenager. And, to top it all, it is very fragmented, which means that in many applications, innovative services offer little real business value outside of entertainment, such as video games and 360 spherical videos. To promote a true commercial benefit, companies must examine specific scenarios of real life in which they can be applied and make employees more productive. Among other things, they can improve the design and visualization processes.

“Blockchain” Integrated Into The Business:


The technology called “blockchain” or “chain of blocks”, used for the creation of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, has more applications. It is evolving from being an infrastructure for cryptocurrencies to a platform for digital transformation. Experts believe that it can offer a radical departure from the current centralized transaction and recordkeeping mechanisms, and thereby serve as the basis for digital business.

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