Wrist Watches for Women

“A man should not date a woman, who does not wear wrist watch” It’s an old Chinese proverb. Isn’t it odd? But it’s true. Wrist watch is the most happening accessory that defines the style statement of a woman. Wrist with an elegant watch looks most beautiful. If you are looking for a stylish and trendy wrist watch and want to improve your style statement, consider these brands of wrist watches.

1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is commonly known as CK. CK is famous for its stylish watches since so many years. Wrist watches of CK are available in different styles; meant for different occasions. Being so classy, wrists watches of Calvin Klein are bit expensive. If you are a woman and want smart feminine wrists watch, go for CK. The appreciation that you will receive after wearing it, will recover your cost.


The 2nd most desirable brand of wrist watches is DKNY. DKNY stands for Donna Karan New York. DKNY is a brand known for its originality and style. Its watches are marvelous and chic. DKNY watches have become fashion icon of elite class. Women desire to wear DKNY watches to represent themselves fashionable.

3. Gucci

Gucci is providing fashionable products since 1921. Immense popularity of Gucci as a brand induced it to jump into the field of wrist watches. Gucci is renowned for its bracelet-cum watches. Women of fashion prefer Gucci watches. Gucci offers a variety of watches that meet the fashion desires of all the women. The vast range of stylish watches might confuse you, if you are looking for the best watch of this World’s famous brand.

4. Guess

Guess what? Here is another legendary brand of watches for women. It is Guess. It’s an American luxury brand, basically known for top quality clothes. Guess knows the importance of fashionable accessories, that’s why it has been providing state-of-the-art watches since many years. Most of the women like Guess watches because the whole line of watches shows the uniqueness of this brand.


If you are looking for some cool watches in black, silver and golden, Lorus is for you. LORUS watches are part of renowned Seiko watches. LORUS watches are cool blend of quality, technology and fashion. Its silver line of women watches is famous among the women, who love silver color.

6. Polar

Polar is famous for its unique sports watches. Polar watches can serve many needs. Wana know? Well being a sports watch you can calculate the total distance travelled, burn calories even the heart tempo. Good news for the people who are keen for jogging! Some models are especially designed for the joggers. Polar watches are well-known as multi-purpose watches.

7. Swatch

Swatch is a renowned name in versatile trendy watches. Its first collection was introduced in 1983. Most famous series of Swatch watches includes; Irony series (metal-shaped watches, Swatch skin that are thin watches and won the Guinness title as the thinnest watches in the World, Scuba series which are basically meant for divers and paparazzi series that facilitate to connect internet apart from telling time and defining your style statement. Women, who are seeking watches which can present them as fashion icon could select any watch from above mentioned series.

8. Timex

Timex watches were introduced in 1857. Women who are looking for “sexy” watches should look the whole line of Timex watches. Timex watches target women of all the classes, as it has intelligently priced its watches. Its elegant watches won the heart of millions of people when it provided versatile range of fashionable wrist watches in last decade.

9. Fossil

If you are looking for watches that can be used as graceful bracelets, consider Fossil. Fossil watches are available in different colors i.e. blue, brown black, white, beige, purple etc. As a matter of fact, women are more color conscious than men. That’s why Fossil has provided a wide range of colors. Hence you can choose your favorite color and can carry it on your wrist all the time.

10. Rolex

Rolex is a reputed brand of watches. It’s a luxury brand of watches. Women, who feel great crush for peals, should consider Rolex watches. Whole ranges of Rolex watches define separate style statement for different women.

Time is precious….make it more valuable, with a precious watch on your wrist.

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