Expensive Cosmetics

Cosmetics! A name which makes every woman excited because it’s near to impossible that there would be any women in this world who can stay away from cosmetics. No matter how expensive a cosmetic product may be, women still manages to buy them because when it comes to beauty then there are no bounds like money or anything. But ladies let me show you some cosmetics which unfortunately most of you can’t afford; many cosmetics developers have brought a factor of luxury in making cosmetics and these ones brings a discriminations of class and status in the beauty products.

1. Kiss Kiss Or & Diamonds from Guerlain

Having a lipstick was never considered to be a luxury factor until the arrival of this super sexy lipstick coming from Guerlain’s side. All the beauty comes in its cover that gives it a price tag of  $62,000 and that has been adorned with 110g of solid 18 carat yellow gold and with that it is further sprinkled with 199 diamonds of 2.2 carats. This lipstick is reported to be the most beautiful and unique replica of original top selling Kiss Kiss lipstick in 2005 by Olivier Echaudemaison and  designer Herve Van Der Straeten. The case of this lipstick can also be engraved with your name or personal message which is really a fun if you are going to gift this lipstick to your loved one. What when the lipstick will be finished? If you are also thinking so then don’t worry because the makers have thought this thing earlier than you and that’s why this one is refillable. Thus this lipstick is one of the most luxurious cosmetics that you can ever have in your life and it brings such a style for you that make you unique from others.

2. Jeweled Skin Caviar Luxury Cream by La Prairie

This is another very exciting and luxurious cosmetic product that can make you say, Wow! This beautiful jar is of a very luxurious cream that is use for the perfect skin treatment. The beauty of this cream is the jar as I have stated earlier, it is beautifully adorned with 2.400 Swarovski crystals that have been decorated with hands and each piece takes 48 hours of labor for its production. The cream also is one of the world’s best that is richly textured with the sea proteins, Phytotherapy and Bioengineering technologies and with all these goodies La Prairie’s exclusive cellular complex is also provided for the best nourishment and pampering of skin. Thus this could be the world’s best magical gift for any women which will not only bring the amazing luxury of diamonds but also the exciting and complete care for the skin.

3. The Essence by La Mer

This is another cream that has been listed in the world’s most expensive creams, and just like me every lady would surely love to have it on their dressing table because it is not just a perfect and amazing beauty cream but also a style and luxury which can make you unique. This comes with a price tag of $3500, the thing which breaks the heart while buying this cream is that it promises the perfect face in just 21 days and after that the cream will be finished along with its luxury. The exciting thing about this cream is that though it comes with quite a lofty price tag still people are just crazy about it and hundreds have been sold till now.

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