If you are starting to get bored of your car, your mind might start to wander over towards motorbikes.Even though these nifty bikes don’t come with all the storage that your car will have, and you won’t be able to transport your family around with you, there is nothing quite as thrilling as straddling a bike and riding off into the sunset. You’ll be able to whizz around the streets much quicker than in a car, and you will look a whole lot cooler as well! Perhaps you just aren’t interested in cars at all and are ready to go straight to a motorbike? Either way, there are a few things that you need to know before you do hop on a bike.

To ensure you are always safe and in control of your motorbike, you need to make sure you always follow these important dos and don’ts.

Don’t Just Buy Any Bike

If you are completely new to motorcycling, then you will probably need to get a bike. It’s really important that you choose the right one for you, as the right bike will help to keep you safe on the roads. As you will probably just be riding out on the street, there’s no reason for you to consider getting an off-road bike, especially as these are usually not suitable for beginner riders. As a complete newbie, it’s worth getting a secondhand bike until you are a bit more experienced. These will be reasonably priced so you should be able to find one that fits your budget. If you do buy a secondhand bike, it’s important to find one that has been recently serviced so that you don’t buy one that requires a lot of repairs. If you have a friend or relative who knows a thing or two about motorbikes, then it is really worth taking them with you so that they can check the bike out.

Do Invest In Leathers

When you see motorbike riders whizzing around, you will notice that they all wear leathers. These are protective pieces of clothing that keep them safe if they ever fall off their bike. The leather is very strong and takes a lot to split and tear. So, if a rider does come off their bike, there is little risk of them suffering from any injuries caused by sliding along hard tarmac. As you can tell, it is imperative that you buy yourself some leathers for riding. You will find that there is a very wide range of prices in the shops but it is always best to go for the pricier ones. Even though this will be expensive, it is well worth the investment as it means that the garments are of a higher standard and quality. Therefore, they will keep you a lot safer while riding.

Don’t Forget About Insurance

Next, you will need to buy some motorbike insurance. Just like with car insurance, it is a legal requirement that everyone who has a bike has some insurance. This will then cover you if you end up damaging your bike in anyway or it gets stolen. In these cases, if it can be proven that they didn’t come about from your own negligence, then you will receive a payout from your insurance company. Not only that, though, but they will payout towards anyone else’s vehicle repairs and damages if you are involved in a crash.

Do Stick To The Rules Of The Road

Motorbike riders have a bit of a reputation for being reckless when they are out on the roads. You shouldn’t try to live up to this reputation, though, as bad riding will only be putting yourself and other road users at risk. You could end up in a riding accident which could leave you with terrible injuries and very high legal bills! So, you always need to stick to the speed limits even if you are on a bike that could go a lot faster. Plus, you need to be careful when you are overtaking other vehicles. Many motorbike riders are always tempted to nip in between cars because they are able to pass by them a lot easier even if there is just a small space to drive through. But that can be dangerous as car drivers often have a hard time spotting bikes. Ideally, always drive as if a car driver has not seen you. That way, you can as cautious as possible, which will reduce your chances of ending up in a bad crash.

Do Replace Your Helmet When Needed

Did you know that you should replace your helmet straight away if it is subjected to any kind of impact? It’s true – this is something that you should not ignore at all. That’s because a helmet that has been impacted in any way is a lot weaker and won’t protect your head as much as it should. So, if you drop your helmet or you are in a crash while wearing it, you will need to dispose of it and buy a new one. Otherwise, even the slightest knock on your helmet while wearing it could cause you an injury.

Do Use Helmet Demister

Wearing a helmet isn’t enough to keep you safe. You should also use some helmet demister with it too. This will prevent your visor from fogging over, no matter what conditions you ride in. You can buy special sprays that will keep your helmet mist-free at many bike stores. Not doing so could drastically reduce your vision out of your visor.

Don’t Neglect Your Bike Checks

There are various bike checks that you will need to carry out on a regular basis, such as checking the oil, lights, and breaks. Not doing so could put you at risk, as your bike might not be so safe for you to ride. If you ever doubt the safety of your bike when checking it, it’s always worth taking it to your nearest mechanic for them to check out.

Safe riding!

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