Sony has decided to take Tablet competition in a new way that’s why it has decided to launch its upcoming Tablets i.e. “Sony Tablet” S and “Sony Tablet” P in the end of September 2011. These Tablets will be unique blend of state-of-the-art hardware, network services, content and faultless usability to offer exhilarating experience of network and entertainment.

Sony Tablet S-Rich Media Entertainment

Sony Tablet S is basically designed to offer rich and unique media experience to users. Main features of Sony Tablet S are

  • Touchscreen display of 9.4 inches which helps the users to enjoy their favorite content on a big screen.
  • Sony Tablet S is powered by powerful and performance oriented NVIDIA Tegra 2
  • Weight of Sony Tablet S is 598g, means it’s quite light weight to be used conveniently for several hours.
  • Wi-Fi and 3G versions of Sony Tablet S will be offered in November 2011.
  • Sony Tablet S features front as well as rear facing camera.

Sony Tablet P-Mobile Communication Entertainment

Sony Tablet P is designed to provide a distinctive mobile communication entertainment to users who wish to explore and make full use of entertainment as well as communication features of Tablets. Salient features of Sony Tablet P are:

  • Unique folding design
  • Sony Tablet P features Touchscreen display of 5.5 inches
  • Double screen for utmost portability
  • Weight of Sony Tablet P is 372g
  • Sony Tablet P is equipped with NVIDIA Tegra 2 Mobile Processor
  • Sony Tablet P presents connectivity through Wi-Fi and 3G network, Wi-Fi models are powered with Android 3.1 and 3G models features Android 3.2.
  • Sony Tablet P features front and rear facing camera.

Sony Tablets-Equipped with TruBlack Technology by Sony

Sony Tablet models S and P are equipped with TruBlack Technology of Sony, TruBlack display decrease reflection and glare of sunlight and fluorescent light to provide visibility of high contrast for indoor as well as outdoor.
Sony Tablets offers Fast and Smooth Experience

  • Rapid response technology of Sony in the Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P quickly load information from websites and offers fast browsing experience.
  • Touch screen in both of these Sony Tablets is highly responsive and touch sensitive.

Connectivity via Sony Tablets across many Home Gadgets

Sony Tablets facilitates you to take full control of your home gadgets and share content with your buddies. One can conveniently stream video as well as photo content with just a touch from Sony Tablets to TV sets which are compatible to DLNA and other gadgets. In addition, you can also stream music from Sony Tablets to wireless speakers.

Sony Tablet S is equipped with infrared technology and one can use it as entirely customizable remote control for many of home gadgets and entertainment system like TV, home theater system and Blue-Ray disc player. A part from this, Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P is compatible with Media Remote which let people to control Sony gadgets like BRAVIA via Wi-Fi.

Sony Tablets with Preinstalled Apps

Sony Tablets will be available with preinstalled apps which let users to fully enjoy music, videos and other features of entertainment. Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P provides immediate approach to Google mobile service and apps which includes 3D maps, convenient web search with Google voice.

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