Sony has always come up with better camera options that offer better photography experience to camera lovers all over the world. Now, Sony has introduced their new action camera that can go virtually anywhere and add more action to your adventure trips. The all new HDR-AS15 action cam is the latest video camera from Sony that comes with six new extra mounting options that makes the entire video camera experience better. The action camera allows users to focus on their action and they can mount their camera in various ways to ensure that the action is captured while the users are in motion.

The all new HDR-AS15 comes with AKA-WM1 which is wrist mount strap and fits users’ wrist with the help of strap that is supplied. The camera can be mounted on it and you can still manage to get better shots and capture yourself in action. The wrist mount strap offers a rotating base which means that users can rotate the Action Cam to any 16 angled shooting positions. This kind of camera allows users to capture videos while they are mountain biking, snowboarding and when they want to capture any first person shooting in action.


The Action Cam also comes with AKA-SM1 which is surfboard mount that can allow users to capture their surfboarding action. The camera also comes with AKA-FL1 which floats on the water in case user accidentally drops the camera in the water. The float is yellow colored and therefore it is easier to spot and can fit well with wrist mount and surfboard mount. Sony also offers ADP-BH1 ball head tilts that allow the camera to tilt and swivel in various directions. The AKA-SF1 Skeleton Frame works like a tripod mount that allows users to capture videos using any tripod option. Sony also offers AKA-DM1 which is a dog harness that you can fit on your pet.

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