Running out of battery can be a nightmare, and it often happens when we need our phone the most. With portable chargers becoming easily affordable, our battery life is much less of a problem. Even so, there are simple ways that you can save your phone’s battery life, rather than wasting it on apps that you may not even know are open. Here are just a few simple and easy ways that you can save battery life and make your phone last all day, even without a power bank.

Turn Down Your Screen Brightness

Often you have your phone on maximum brightness without even realizing, and this can take up battery for no reason. Turning down your brightness, even to half, can save battery and your phone screen will still be easy to see. At night or in a dark room, turning your brightness all the way down not only saves battery but will also reduce strain on the eyes and help your brain to unwind and relax. For those who use their iPhone late at night, there is also a handy feature to help you get a better night’s sleep called Night Shift. This is under Settings, then Display and Brightness, and changes the colors of the display to trick your brain.

Make Use of Airplane Mode

If you are going somewhere where you cannot use your phone for a couple of hours, such as the cinema or the Escape Room Baltimore, rather than just put it on silent, which is still using battery to receive notifications, utilize airplane mode. This switches off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without fully switching off your phone. As soon as you want your notifications to come through, switch off airplane mode and they will come straight through. This is faster than switching your phone on and off and your battery should barely budge whilst airplane mode is activated.

Use Low Power Mode

iPhones that are using iOS 9 or above have a nifty update in which you can save power when you are running low. This reduces some functions such as downloading the most recent mail, refreshing background apps and automatic downloads. If this is something you do not need or were not even aware was happening on your phone, then low power mode may save you some battery power when you need it most.

Get Your Battery Tested

If you are doing everything you can to save battery and you are still finding your iPhone is not lasting as long as it should be, it may be worth popping in to an Apple store and having someone check your battery. They will be able to give you an idea whether it is because of how you are using your iPhone or if there is an underlying problem with your battery.

Saving battery life can make your life easier and ensure you are not draining your battery for no reason. Be battery saver savvy and reduce the time you need to charge your iPhone each day.

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