Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has decided to bring the “conventional” back for promoting its topnotch latest devices – the Galaxy Note III and the Samsung Galaxy Gear respectively. The company aims to take help from popular paper-artists who have created short films illustrating how the manufacturer’s new devices can help users in their daily lives.

The new out-of-home advertisements will feature each artist’s pop-up book conveying “Everyday Wonders” that Samsung’s latest devices can be of aid in. The idea is to take daily life tasks and how Samsung’s latest devices, the Galaxy Gear and Note III might help consumers in undertaking these tasks like they were just wonders.

Five of the world’s top paper artists are recruited to make innovative and gripping pop-up book films, namely Benja Harney, David A. Carter, Marion Bataille, Maeve Clancy and Ji Won Shin. The artists will create these innovative films for their respective cities only, as these adverts will be placed in five of the biggest metropolises on five iconic landmarks of the world:

  • New York (Times Square)
  • London (Piccadilly Square)
  • Amsterdam (Rembrandt House)
  • Milan (Duomo)
  • Singapore (Orchard Road)

The adverts will continue to be displayed through the end of the year. Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Younghee Lee said in an interview, “By utilizing this unique medium in our out-of-home advertisements, we are able to communicate to our consumers more creatively the rational and emotional benefits of our devices.”

In a brief interview, Banja Harney, the famous paper artist and designer of Samsung’s New York pop-up-book style film said, “I think Samsung’s decision to demonstrate functionality through a hand-crafted and interactive paper approach is a brilliant collision of utility and creativity. I hope the passion really draws people in.”

To see these advertisements, please head over to Samsung Mobile Global’s YouTube channel.

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