Google has decided to invade New York City’s public classrooms as The New York City Department of Education has approved the use of Google’s Chromebooks in public classrooms that will be used by around 1 million students and more than 1800 schools. The department has also authorized the use of Google Apps for Education that will help students to handle their education in the right way. One of the reasons why Google Chromebooks appeal for schools is because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to carry around. It also has Google Drive option which is cloud-based software that can save schools money that they would instead spend on building their own software.

There are many studies that also indicate that Chromebooks are quickly becoming popular with students and schools beating the increasing popularity of Apple Macbooks especially in the education sector because they come at cheaper price and offer better productive features. The Department of Education also mentioned that they have worked with Google’s manufacturers to ensure that all Chromebooks come with specifications that New York students prefer and that can offer better functionality. As per the records, schools purchased around 1 million units of Chromebooks in the second quarter of 2014.

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