Windows 8 and Nokia Lumia users in Italy can make use of the very first service, Sky Go – a pay-tv service on the go – offered by the collaboration between Sky, Microsoft and Nokia from the middle of this month. The entire Nokia Lumia family in Italy can benefit from this service, which is extremely popular among Sky subscribers, with more than 1.9 million people having chosen the service already.

Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones are extremely popular in Italy and experts believe that by offering some of its most valuable services to users, Sky has drastically improved its mobile service in the country.

Apart from that, Nokia has a great chance of further enhancing its popularity in Italy as it has been enriched by the addition of this fascinating application that allows users to have TV on the go.

Paola Cavallero, the General Manager of Nokia Italia, is delighted to offer this service to their customers and feels that it is a great Christmas gift for the Nokia Lumia users. Cavallero is delighted that Nokia has got the opportunity to work alongside a highly credible brand like Sky.

Remo Tebaldi, the Customer & Product Marketing Manager Sky, also expressed similar emotions and feels that Nokia Lumia and Windows 8 platforms are just ideal for Sky to launch its Sky Go service. Tebaldi is of the opinion that the upcoming service will bring about a revolution in the world of information technology.

Last but not the least, Silvano Colombo, the Consumer Channel Group Manager, Microsoft Italia, said that his company is jubilant to have signed an agreement with Sky and feels proud that this service will make its debut in Italy. He thinks that Sky’s trust on Windows 8 platform is a proof that the brand is getting popular in the country with the passage of time.

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