Do you have a laptop? If you’ve been working with technology for a long time, there’s practically a guarantee that you like to sit up in bed with one of these, or go out for coffee with your laptop by your side. However, is that all you can do with that? Are you really getting value for your money since buying a laptop, as well as having a desktop to your name? Maybe you’re worried about the technicalities of overusing your machine, and the battery life on your laptop just won’t stay up no matter how much you charge it. Either way, here’s some quick tips for fixing your portable computer up to your standards.

Try to Use a Mouse

Using a mouse means you’re going to be much less at risk of carpal tunnel, and at the same time get so much more usability out of your system! Nearly everyone has been frustrated by the laptop track pad at least once in their life, so plugging a mouse into the USB is simply a smart move. But did you ever really think about how a mouse could be so useful?

Having something touchscreen is useful, and often fun to use, but when you have a mouse there’s a much better chance your commands are going to go through. So make sure you buy yourself a mouse to make your laptop far less annoying.

Cooling Down Your System

Cooling down your laptop is something every who owns a portable system is worried about. However, there’s quite a few quick fixes here. The main one to employ here is to never actually rest your laptop on your lap. Not only can this be bad for your health, but it’s a lot easier for a laptop to be heated externally here!

Overall, They’re Better Than Tablets

Making a smart investment is hard when a lot of the same brands and products do the same functions, but still have wildly different prices. A lot of the time we’re convinced out of buying laptops, and instead told to focus our money on the ‘real’ handheld technology out there. Namely, this comes down to a whole debate over tablets v laptops, but is it really that big of a deal?

However, if you want the most performance (and features to enhance that) out of your new machine, you should probably opt for a laptop. They’re better for administrative tasks, especially if you’re working from home or in your own business, meaning those local Microsoft excel classes can finally pay off. At the same time, you can still get some casual gaming experiences out of your laptop in your downtime. If you’re not too serious about the use of a portable computer, and many of your tasks remain online with dependence on cloud storage, a tablet would be good for you.

Your laptop is going to be great for your productivity as long as you’re using it properly. If you’re not, you’ll lose battery much faster.

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