Almost a decade ago, most people were passionate and interested in Clip Art images that were used by millions of professionals and students alike. The images were posted in almost every business document and school projects to make the documents appear better. However, the time has changed and we have moved ahead technologically and with that there are more pictures and images on the Web. Microsoft already understands this and has over a period of time tried to kill of its Clip Art portal in the recent version of Microsoft Office. The Clip Art and Image library is officially closed and Microsoft stated that they have seen decline in its usage year after year.

The statement by Microsoft’s Doug Thomas indicates that as per their research more users are now using free images available on the Web rather than the Clip Art. Microsoft is now trying to integrate with the Bing search engine and therefore they are incorporating some of the pictures that have Creative Commons licensing system and can be used for personal and commercial use. This is in a way helping Microsoft to ensure that they are not spending on the Clip Art library that is not offering them any value as more users take to modern free web images.

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