It has now been confirmed that Microsoft will make available the new version of Kinect for Windows on July 15. This release is aimed for developers who want to research and develop applications in this segment. The sensor is priced at $199 and will be available for developers along with the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Although Kinect v1.0 has been a part of Xbox for more than three years, it has become more popular with Windows developers. That is the reason why the next version is now being released as a standalone part.

Developers have been questioning and requesting a lot to reduce the latency and improve finger tracking, since the release of Kinect for Windows v1.0. Fortunately, Microsoft will be responding to these questions and requests in Kinect for Windows v2.0.

Although Kinect was initially released for gaming purposes, the Windows version stretched its interactive use across different service sectors. The new version is coming up with improved features including infrared capabilities, video capturing, updated skeletal tracking and night vision.

Microsoft Virtual Academy will conduct a free online seminar on the release day to help developers create apps with the Software Development Kit. Once developers create some interesting apps, Microsoft will release it for consumers, which is expected later this year.

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