Video games have penetrated our lives in many different ways and therefore there are new technologies that are being introduced to make the gaming experience better. Most of the video gaming technologies are not very practical and therefore they never stay in the market for long time. Microsoft has been trying their hands in the video game market to outbeat the competition and they have done quite well with the launch of Kinect that has impacted the market in the long term. The company tried their hands on every technology including smart watch and visual reality and now they have come up with HoloLens that they unveiled at the Windows 10 event earlier this week.

The new technology seems like an augmented reality system that has the capability to project faux-holograms to an eyepiece that will be worn by the user. Although this device is not a first of its kind, but HoloLens is trying to merge two or more technologies together. It actually provides the user with high definition augmented reality within a constrained space. The all new HoloLens will provide users with more screen space that will elevate their gaming experience as they can put aside all the numbers that are interrupting the game play.

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