Millions of Microsoft users around the globe have been waiting desperately for the Windows 8.1 update, which was scheduled to be released in April 2014 for general public. However, much to the surprise of technology analysts, the update is already out on the internet and none other than Microsoft has leaked it.

I am extremely surprised to see the update; it has been created recently and was supposed to go through gatekeeping such as ‘dogfooders’ within Microsoft and MSDN subscribers before being rolled out to the general public.

If you are in a rush to install the latest update, you can do that by going directly to Microsoft while following the efficiently devised guidelines at the MyDigitalLife forum. However, I would advise you to wait till the update is out officially in a bid to avoid any security risk.

Do not be surprised if Microsoft blocks the update for the time being in a couple of days. I also expect slight changes to the update before it is available for download.

There are a total of six enhancements in the package. Having checked the update on a x64 test system, I can tell you that the size of the download is 761 MB.

The Redmond-based company is yet to give its official statement on the leak, but a spokesperson has promised to share details very soon.

The update gives you latest right-clickable context-sensitive menus, dedicated power and search buttons at the Start Screen and the potential to pin Metro applications. A deeper look at the update will give you a feeling that enhancements have been made specifically for non-touch PCs.

These new features will also allow computer manufacturers to lower down the cost of machines without hampering the storage capacity or the overall quality.

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