Kitchen Gadgets

In modern cooking, kitchen gadgets are a must have. Using some of these gadgets properly are part of the art of cooking, like using a rice maker etc. On the Other hand some of the gadgets are a bit more complicated, so learning to use them takes time and patience. Following are a list of a few kitchen gadgets, which can make your kitchen activities quite easy & relaxed.

Digital Measuring Cup and Scale:

The measuring cup is a must have in kitchen & when it comes with a digital scale then it can measure the amount & weight at the same time (costs around $19) doesn’t matter whether it’s liquid or dry.

Coffee Grinder for Spices:

Coffee Grinder for Spices
Image by Beverage Coolerusa

If you want to use freshly ground spices, then coffee grinder is your perfect option. By spending quiet a low amount, you can add fresh flavors in your cooking, without making quiet the mess.

Griddle Pan:

Griddle Pan
Image by Cinderellasg

The moment you make the all-purpose griddle pan a member of your daily cook wear, making ideal quesadillas, toasting bread, getting that perfect brown & crispy bacon is just a matter of seconds. If you are ready to pay around $35, then you can get 5-Ply Stainless Steel Round Griddle.

Lime Juicer:

Lime Juicer
Image by Food Thinkers

This tiny gadget is one of the must haves in every kitchen. Without using your hand hard, use this little tool to get the juice. Sometimes squeezing lemon with your hands, would not get you the whole juice, while using the lemon press can help you to get more juice.

Nonstick Rice Cooker:

Just measure the rice & water as per the manual & allow the machine to do its work. However, you can also add veggies & little spices along with your favorite broth to make one single meal. By spending approximately $43 you can make various rice preparations or just perfectly cook plain rice.


There are various recipes popular among the foodies, which needs lime or lemon zest. This little gadget is all fun & ideal for such recipes where zests are a must.

Mini Food Processor:

Spending long hours chopping veggies is not acceptable in the modern day busy lifestyle. So mini food processors are the perfect solution for this time-consuming problem. From onion to carrot or cauliflower you can get the shape that you want. Dishwasher safe Cuisinart’s mini food processor will definitely serve your purpose and will cost you around $30.

Potato Masher:

If you have kids at home then it’s a must have. Sometimes for adult cooking also smashed potatoes could be a nice side option. So instead of using your hand, use this masher. If you keep the smasher clean always, then it would be more hygienic than using your hands.

Corn Stripper:

Corn Stripper

OXO Corn striper is a smart choice ($14) when you need a corn stripper. It will serve your purpose as well as collecting them in a box will make it easier.

Griddle/Grill/Panini Press:

Things that you can prepare on the grill or stove or in a frying pan, like pancakes, sandwiches, veggies, burgers etc. you can also make them here. Just plug in & make your favorite thing without much hassle.

Garlic Press:

Kitchen Gadgets

The garlic press is something where you can mince garlic very easily. If you & your family is a garlic lover & prefer to use garlic very often then you need to get this one.

Speedy Ice Pop Maker:

Speedy Ice Pop Maker

Kids simply love this, especially during those hot summer months, it could be a great treat for the whole family. So get your Zoku Quick Pop Maker (cost around $49) & make ice pops at about 7 minutes.

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