The mobile competition is really going beyond expectations for the consumers as well as for phone manufacturers. One hand you have phones like iPhone which is made by Apple while on the other side of the competition is android phone that is dominating the world market by having more number of apps and features for the consumers. However, we still don’t know who has the upper hand because every now and then companies come up with new features, software, updates and apps that would allow the consumers to do more with their smartphones.

iPhone Vs Android

We all know that there are many mobile companies trying to beat the competition but at the moment there are two giant companies that are clearly dominating the smartphone arena and they are Apple and Google. Now let’s take a quick look at how they stand up against each other when it comes to iPhone Vs Android.

Market Share

When it comes to market share it’s not just about iPhone Vs Android phone but there are many other players like Symbian, Linux, Palm, RIM and Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows 7. However, in the year 2010 it was clearly a competition between Apple and Google as other operating systems took a backseat. Apple iPhone OS and Android OS were the only two operating systems that gained 2% in the market while the rest slide down the market charts. Earlier Android OS had 7% market share but it went up to 9% in just one year. On the other hand, Apple iPhone OS that had captured 26% of the market share went up by 2% to capture 28% of the market share.

Age Factor

Apple and Google both are trying hard to convince people to use their smartphones and operating system but they both are equally good and stand a 50-50 chance in the market. In the year 2010 we saw that more and more Android phones were being sold compare to iPhone. This happened because Google is trying to target the young generation while Apple is making sure that all age groups can use their smartphones and operating system. As per the records more than 54% of the users that use Android phones are below 34 years of age. While only 47% of the users using Apple iPhone OS fall under the same age group.

Income Factor

Since Google is targeting the youth Google is aware that income and education will play a major role and therefore Android phones are less expensive and simpler than Apple iPhone which is much more sophisticated. The research clearly shows that only high income people go for Apple iPhone while the others prefer to go for Android phones that are available at cheaper prices. Currently, Android phones have captured more than 51% of the middle income group and Apple iPhone has only covered 38% of the middle income group. This clearly indicates that Google Android OS is far more popular even in countries where economic development and standards of living are not too high.

Operating System Functionality

Beauty lies in simplicity. Today people want something simple in their hand that can make their complex life simple. Hence, a lot depends on the functionality of the operating system. If the operating system is simple and allows more mobility and flexibility to app developers, consumers and other different group of people it is more appreciated across the globe. Although, Apple iPhone OS has better market penetration than Android OS it is expected that the numbers will soon change the other way around. This is because Android OS is more stable and offers more flexibility to the users compared to Apple iPhone OS which is more restrictive in some sense. Additionally, there are many Apple iPhone users who now want to try Android OS and that is threatening for Apple’s future.

Battery Life

The battery life of your smartphone is really important for you because you cannot keep charging your smartphone all the time. Hence, both Apple and Google are struggling hard to provide long lasting battery life in their smartphones for their consumers. However, Apple iPhone takes the upper hand here as the battery life is really longer than of any Android OS smartphone. However, not all Android OS smartphones have poor battery performance as it depends clearly on the number of apps the users are using and the number of hours that the phone is being used.


This is the world of applications and Google and Apple both have tons of apps stored in their Apps Store, but fortunately Android OS consumers have more choice to select for free apps compare to Apple Apps where not all apps are available for free. However, many critics still feel that when it comes to app Google and Apple both have the same standing in the market competition.


The world around us is full of technological gadgets and therefore we need smartphones that can sync all the data with different devices like wireless printers and computers. Android phones certainly have the upper hand here because Apple iPhone are a bit old fashioned in this category. With Android smartphones you don’t even have to worry about your lost information because you can buy a new Android smartphone, enter your Google account information and you get back all the lost information in just one sync. Hence, currently Android has more flexibility compare to Apple iPhone. However, Apple iPhone still dominates the market competition based on its worldwide popularity and reputation.

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  1. Android FTW. Reasons: Apple is like the Gene in our bodies, copies of itself is great, but 1 virus (snag) can wipe it all out. Google as well like the Gene in our bodies, yet merging all the time with different products, people, shell’s, basically is a Gene mutation, diversification allowing it to become immune to infectious (other products, rivalries) and keep building stronger. Example: App Store for Apple, you must P2P (Pay 2 Play), whereas Google App store is Free for majority of applicatoins, not only to play but business and consumer can have more FREEdom to expand, look at the economy, taking a hit, well free soothes the pain. Android FTW.

  2. My iPhone 3G gets very poor reception (1 bar) around The Washington, DC area. I suppose it is due to the high concentration of governmental security technology. Does the Android perform better in this area?

  3. What about making and receiving a phone call?

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