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Who doesn’t love a safe and smart on-road experience with their iPhone? With so many apps we use constantly and some working in the background require a strong battery and an excellent iPhone charger. Here are 10 best iPhone chargers for cars that provide quick charging and keep your iPhone up and running.

1) Gembonics Car Charger:

The Gembonics durable car charger is manufactured using a high-quality fireproof material that makes it more reliable. Moreover, it is Apple MFi-certified adding another feature in its reliability index and making it one of the best iPhone chargers for cars. This speedy charger provides 3.1A (1 Amps from USB port and 2.1 Amps from the lightning connector). Get this iPhone charger at a sale price of $16.99, otherwise, it is a bit costly. However, its unique features totally justify its price. The charger automatically stops when it detects high or low voltage to save your iOS devices from burning out.

2) E.T. Pocket Car Charger:

This 3-feet long charger has a straightforward design and is compatible with 5 and 6 models of iPhone as well as iPads. It offers a tangle-free lightning cable and an extra USB port for added convenience. It is lightweight and simple to use. Its retractable cable uses 1.2 Amps. The E.T Pocket car charger comes with a limited warranty and can be yours for just $10 (sale price at amazon). The only drawback is that it’s not Apple MFi-certified.

3) Trianium Atomic Drive Car Charger:

Trianium Atomic Drive Car Charger

With an aluminium exterior, Trianium Atomic Drive car charger makes for a smooth and tough design. It provides an exceptionally high charging output of 4.8 Amps. The circuit design is made to protect your iOS device from short circuit. It is available at a discounted price of $13.50 and comes in a stylish, shiny black color design.

4) UNU uSmart Car Charger:

UNU uSmart Car Charger

Among the latest iPhone chargers for cars is the UNU uSmart charger, perfect for 7 and 7 Plus. It features two ports for charging another device. Each port provides 2.4 Amps to charge your iOS devices in a quick time. Topped with UNU’s efficient technology, uSmart car charger identifies your device within no time. Boasting a compact design, inner blue glow, aluminum head and a smooth exterior, there is nothing you won’t like about this iPhone charger. It can be yours for as little as $8.99.

5) Amazon Basics Car Charger:

Amazon Basics Car Charger

Amazon Basics car charger is relatively larger in length(almost 5 feet) than other pocket-sized iPhone chargers for cars. It boasts a catchy dark-grey color, durable braided casing, sleek design, kink and fray proof technology, heavy-duty copper wires, high-speed charging and more range making it easy to charge the iPhone at the back seat. Another thing that adds to its reliability is a limited warranty of one year. The users of iPhone 5, 6 and 7 can benefit from it in just $11.99.

6) Incase Mini Car Charger:

As suggested by the name, Incase Mini is a small-sized car charger for iOS devices that works seamlessly. Among our best iPhone chargers for cars, it comes with a one-year warranty for safety and reliability. Additionally, it has a detachable lightning cable and an LED for charging indication. Though it has a small size, it is very powerful with a charging output of 2.4 Amps that can charge your iPhone in a quick time.

7) Maxboost Smart Port:

Maxboost Smart Port

Among the best iPhone chargers for cars, Maxboost is true to its name rendering 24W/4.8A output for a super fast charging. The protective circuitry secures your phone from overcharging and short circuit, while the strong TPU exterior provides flexibility and prevents any damage caused by fall. The internal polycarbonate layer of the charger is for additional protection. The availability of two USB ports allows you to charge multiple iOS devices.

8) Anker Power Drive Car Charger:

The Anker Power Drive comes along with a lightning cable that is Apple MFi-certified, perfect for car usage. Its pocket-sized design is small enough to carry and big enough for easy removal from your car. Among other fast iPhone chargers for cars, Anker Power Drive provides 2.4 Amps to charge your iPhone speedily. Its built-in MultiProtect Safety System secures your devices completely. However, Anker chargers are not compatible with Lifeproof or Otterbox iPhone 6 cases, so you can either go with the charger or the iPhone case, but not both. On a positive side, these iPhone chargers for cars come with an 18- month warranty.

9) LightningFast Car Charger:

LightningFast Car Charger

Lightningfast welcomes you to the world of fast charging. LightningfastiPhone chargers for cars contain error-free fast charging and are Apple MFi-certified. The total output of 3.1A may not seem extraordinarily fast, but it is enough to fully-charge your phone during your driving time. It is compatible with iOS 7 to iOS 10 devices. Another than its speedy working, the sleek and slim style makes for a decent-looking charger.

10) Griffin PowerJolt SE Car Charger:

These 3 feet long iPhone chargers for cars come with a lightning connector that has a coiled design. The design offers more elasticity and tangle-free solution to its buyers. Compatible with the new versions of Apple products, the PowerJolt provides an amazing charging capacity of 10 watts. It acts as a potential savior against power fluctuations with its SmartFuse technology. You can buy one from Amazon at a sale price of $14.99, otherwise, it costs a bit more. And why not? It is Apple MFi-certified and comes with a reliable lifetime warranty.

Does your car charger feature a lightning cable? No? Here’s a bonus recommendation for you.

Syncwire lightning charging cable is an Apple MFi-certified design, that is a safe and versatile option for iOS users with a tight budget. Syncwire has more pros to its name. With original 8-pin connector, double-shielded design, outdoor interference-free technology, lifetime warranty and 7000+ bend lifespan, this lightning cable is highly durable. It also has a 3.3-feet long plug-and-use design, while the 8-pin connector connects every Apple device securely and assists in the synchronization and transference of data. It is frequently bought with iPhone chargers for cars.

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