Infiniti is all set to make a big move, by signing a new deal with Formula One current ruling champion, to get a boost up in the brand’s name recognition in Europe.

For the 2010 fiscal year up until March 31st, Infiniti has sold 4,500 cars in Western Europe. “One of the big barriers we face is a lack of awareness”, “So we hope that Formula One, at least for our business in Western Europe, will turbo charge our levels of awareness,” Infiniti Europe Vice President, Jim Wright, said on the floor of the Geneva Motor Show. He also stated that in 2011, Western Europe will be somewhere between 7,000 and 8000. Despite the increase, Infiniti is still far off the pace set by its closest competitors like Mercedes, Lexus, BMW and Audi in the segment. BMW, for instance, sold 10 times that amount in February alone.

Nissan Motor Co.’s luxury brand Infiniti now signed a marketing deal with Red Bull F1 team. Through this deal, Infiniti can advertise its name on nose cones, sides and the rear wings of the Red Bull racecars. The Infiniti logo will also be appear on the helmets and jumpsuits worn by Red Bull’s drivers. The Red Bull’s champion’s team for the year 2010 is led by Sebastian Vettel, who became the first ever youngest driver to won F1 title.

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