Hyundai Motor India Ltd has publicized a latest offer to please its valuable customers, now “5 Star Assurance Program” will be offered to Santro and Next Gen i10 users. This assurance program is offered as part of a 360-degree service; Director of Sales and Marketing for HMIL Arvind Saxena said, “Our new 5-Star Assurance Program is designed to offer 360-degree services to our customers ranging from maintenance to roadside assistance. The primary objective being to enhance customer satisfaction long after the purchase has been made.”

Features of 5 Star Assurance Program

Customer satisfaction is main motive of Hyundai and all the programs are designed and offered to satisfy customers in an enhanced way. Assurance Program offered by Hyundai is named as “5 Star Assurance Program” because it will offer following 5 major services to its customers Santro and Next Gen i10 customers.

1. Total Maintenance Assurance

This program will offer 3 years of free maintenance; service and repair will be part of this plan that also includes service of parts and material according to required (Standard) period.

2. Motor Assurance

Motor Assurance is a broad program that will offer complete motor assurance for Re 1.

3. Warranty Assurance

This program offers the extended warranty for the third year.

4. Roadside Assurance

24×7 Roadside Assurance is also part of the 5 Star Assurance Program.

5. Exchange Assurance

The loyalty offer of Rs 15,00 will be offered as service of the 5 Stars Assurance Program.

Santro and Next Gen i10 add a handsome profit in the annual revenue of Hyundai India and it is the main reason behind Hyundai offer. This valuable program is offered to Santro and Next Geni10 customers so that they can enjoy added services which are mostly needed when cars come on road.

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