Mobile World Congress is the best platform that provides golden opportunities to world renowned companies so that they can showcase their latest smartphones and gadgets. HTC has made best use of this opportunity and unveiled its latest Smartphones. Smartphones sell like hot cakes and you will be excited to know that HTC has made hottest additions to its smartphone family with the launch of HTC Desire 530, 630 and 825. HTC has used the micro splash effect in theses smartphones to add more attraction in its poly carbonated body.

Let’s explore the new model of HTC Desire series.


HTC understands the design philosophy very well. Design is the main source of attraction for customers, keeping this point in mind HTC has paid special attention while designing the new smart phones. Two tone snap has been used in the casing to attract the user.

President of Sales Chialin Chang said, “HTC has built its reputation on pairing industry-leading design with smart features.But with customers also seeking personalization, and individuality in addition to treating their phones as fashion accessories, we have needed to create something different. So today we’re launching the most unique Desire devices yet.”

Superb Sound

The sound quality of new HTC Desire series is unbelievable, HTC has employed Boom sound with Dolby Audio Technology in Desire 630 and 825. We can say for sure that you will enjoy the sound quality of new HTC desire series.

Perfect Camera

Now-a-days majority of people prefers cell phones which offer high quality camera and deliver best shots. HTC Desire series will be a perfect smartphone for you if you are thinking to buy a perfect self phone. 5MP front facing camera will let you click your best selfie, moreover Auto Sellfie and Voice selfie are the smart modes that will give you the freedom to capture your best photo without the use of button. HTC Desire 630 and 825 also features Live Make-Up that will let you feel good whenever you look at your phone.

  • HTC Desire 530 features an 8MP rear facing camera
  • HTC Desire 630 and 825 features 13MP rear facing camera.

You can capture your best moments with the help of smart  camera features of HTC Desire series that includes Burst shoot and sweep panorama.

HTC Sensor Hub

HTC has used a special feature in HTC Desire 825-HTC Sensor Hub, this is a smart feature that will let you keep a track of your activities. You can use these findings of activities to measure your well being, for example, running and jogging, Google Fit and Walk.


New HTC Desire Series will be available from March 2016.

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