Honda believes in the concept of continuous revolution and keeps on introducing state-of-the-art technologies in its vehicles. This time it introduced a wonderful and ground breaking technology for automobiles i.e. Earth Dreams Technology.

What is Earth Dreams Technology?

Earth Dream Technology is a great technology which has been introduced to improve the driving performance and fuel efficiency. Use of this technology will improve the efficiency of elements of internal combustion such as transmission level, engine and electric powered motor. For the very first time this technology has been used in Honda N-BOX which is a compact minivan recently launched and soon this technology will be used in other vehicles.  Honda aims to be eminent player in the list of fuel-economical vehicle that’s why it is desperate to employ this innovative technology in its upcoming vehicles.

Hopefully with the use of “Earth Dream Technology” Honda will reduce the emission level of its vehicle (CO2) up-to 30% by the end of 2020.

Main Features of Earth Dreams Technology

  • This is basically a gasoline engine which gives a new power to vehicles and helps them to attain desirable fuel efficiency as well as high-level driving performance.
  • It is a compact diesel engine which makes vehicle quite light weight while driving and provides top class acceleration.
  • Continuous Variable Transmission further plays its part to improve the level of fuel-economy.
  • Electric SH-AWD Hybrid System which is very eco-friendly and performance oriented.
  • High quality electric powertrain especially for EVs.

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