This is a fast and very busy age. Everyone is on the move. People need an hour’s work done in minutes and minute’s work in seconds. So yes, even when it comes to computer processing, consumers show a high demand of fast-paced processors. But a powerful processor isn’t their top priority. To consumers, there are things that matter more than just a speedy processor.

According to a recent study published by Qualcomm, processor speed, HD video quality, operating system, battery life and that shining Apple logo at the back may all be high in demand, but what consumers really want in a smartphone is an affordable price tag. The survey says it is the most valued factor.

More than 70 percent of respondents admitted the price and ongoing promotions play the key role in selection of their next phone. The price factor had a lead of at least 20 percent over the screen size factor, which was previously considered to be a decisive factor for most of the target markets.

Price was followed by battery life, which was next important thing to consumers. Around 68 percent said battery influenced their decision to buy (or not to buy) a smartphone. Another research by Qualcomm confirmed more than 72 percent people feel battery life is most important element.

The next-in-line factor was data speed. About 63 percent of respondents said they value data speed over other factors when choosing their next smartphone.

Operating system, which is also commonly thought to be a major influencer of buying decision, ranked fourth in the study with a total of 57 percent.

This study revealed another interesting point. Nearly half the respondents who preferred data speed (4G) when selecting a phone could not tell the kind of connection their would-be smartphone offered (LTE or HSPA+).

So even though speed does matter for these users, half the population preferring speed isn’t aware how fast exactly, the data connection is.


In contrast, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s report – which is the more recent one (2014) – says 4G/LTE (data) factor was the most important factor (nearly 57 percent) followed by reliability (with more than forty percent approval) and the quality of camera with more than 36 percent votes. Battery life was fourth in this study while processing was sixth in the race.

In terms of aesthetics, screen size was of primary importance followed by design attractiveness and quality of materials.


The two studies show significantly different data which unveils an interesting fact that consumers’ preferences care changing just as fast as the technology. Price was the most important aspect for a person seeking a smartphone but this trend changed in less than two years. What matters to consumer now is the data speed. It will be interesting to see what comes next as Apple has recently released its large-screened smartphones, Samsung has released a first-of-its-kind curved edge smartphone and age of 5G is just around the corner.

What matters to you? Is it the quality, the data speed, the price, the camera, the screen size or the brand name? please let us know.

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