Samsung has once again proved that they are the pioneers in smart phone. They have recently launched the latest GALAXY Note 10.1,2014 Edition. This creation from their stable has been improvised and made keeping in mind the feedback given by users of its earlier versions.  This version, is known for being a balanced phone. It is basically a tablet phone that is projected for its amazing content creation and ability of consumption.  This tablet phone is known to flaunt a crystal cleat LCD screen with resolution of 2560×1600 and an impressive 10 inch display screen. In terms of its core processing system, it flaunts a 1.9 GHZ Octa core system that is enabled for 3G and Wi-Fi versions. It also has a 3GB RAM to ensure that the users can store their favorite music, data and movies on the phone.

The phone is being targeted towards those users who want a loaded phone in terms of features while the phone remains thin and light weight. In a way, one can say, that they do not want to compromise in terms of features or looks ad want the best of both world. The GALAXY Note 10.1,2014 Edition is targeted towards these target sectors who want extreme productivity and mobility.

As compared to its peer group, the new version of Galaxy Note is the best in class. They are known to provide the user the opportunity of multi-tasking without hanging the phone. The phone guarantees the best view thanks to the 10 inch LCD screen and the strong core processor ensures that it can handle multiple applications at the same time. In short, it is ideal for today’s generation who are always on the go and in a hurry. They want to simultaneously perform a list of things at high speed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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