Security systems have become digital largely in nature across platforms and their design. This has been a result of growing complexities in human behaviour and social spaces. Closed circuit cameras or CCTV cameras as they are popularly known also come with video recording feature which makes them the most effective for security. As the name itself suggests, there needs to be a circuit for the camera system to work.

These cameras record videos and can save it in various places. There can be a mainframe computer system or a server, or as is in most cases, it is attached to a simple computer system in which the recordings are stored. The purpose of CCTV’s is for video surveillance. Considering the importance of video surveillance and its benefits, they have become quite popular.

How do they work?

They essentially work as a broadcasting system. But instead of broadcasting the recorded images or videos to a larger satellite, it would transmit it to a local server or where so ever one designates it to. The simpler versions of CCTV operate by attaching it to a computer through a coaxial cable. While on the other hand there are CCTV’s that come with wireless technologies. Whatever the case most the systems do have a digital video recorder installed in them.

Its various uses

One would generally associate CCTV’s with the purpose of security, but that is clearly not all. The whole essence of surveillance is not limited to look for criminal activities. CCTV’s have been used for monitoring purposes in industrial houses, factories, schools, small/large business, retail stores, airports, bus stations, et cetera. This list can practically be endless.

Why does CCTV work?

Any form of monitoring for that matter, the only reason it works is due to the disciplinary power that the device radiates. Even though there might not be anyone on the other side of the screen looking at it constantly, there is still a fear of being looked at. This fear of being observed or monitored at all times enables the target to, in a due course of time, behave and operate in a certain social manner.

Major issues with CCTV

Surveillance has a different set of problems of its own. The major arguments in public media have been questioning the need for surveillance at all in public spaces. The media appears to be critical for the whole behaviour modulation that happens as a result of the CCTV cameras.

It is also true that different nature of crimes have come up due to the constant monitoring by CCTV cameras. They have come to be known as privacy invaders.

The improved CCTVs

The newer versions of CCTV cameras that have come in the market are more environmentally aware. They look for sudden movements and change in sound frequency and then by default try to focus on that particular location.

CCTVs have become a necessity in today’s world where security becomes a prime concern. With the newer models becoming more perceptive and sophisticated in terms of design and operation, they offer much more than just security.

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