Essential oils have a wide range of uses and are becoming more and more mainstream every day. Many people use them specifically to heal various disorders or simply for their overall wellbeing. Regardless of their use, it’s important to only use high quality essential oils. Since many people purchase these oils online, knowing how to find a high-quality oil is essential. Use these tips to ensure that you get the best product every time.

1. Appreciate the Variety

Although purchasing essential oils online can seem intimidating if it’s your first time around, appreciate that you have choices and don’t be afraid to purchase online. There are many reputable retailers online that will offer great essential oils for a fraction of the price you would pay normally. Also, purchasing online gives you the opportunity to find a greater variety of products. You may even have access to more reputable businesses than if you only limited your search to physical stores in your area. Reputable companies such as Art Naturals are experts in bottling and shipping oils.

2. Know the Danger Signs

There are a few words you should look for with essential oil packaging. These words include fragrance oil, perfume oil, and nature identical oil. Although appearing benign, these words indicate that what you see is not actually a pure oil. Instead, it contains either a combination of oils or simply chemicals. These are not suitable for the more therapeutic uses and can even be harmful to ingest or use in aromatherapy. Always read the label and advertising for oils before purchasing.

3. Read About the Grade

Although many products are rated with grades to indicate their quality or purity, essential oils are not regulated in this way. However, suppliers often promote their essential oils as being either therapeutic or aromatherapy grade. This label doesn’t actually mean anything, so it’s important to do a little more work when you evaluate an oil. This doesn’t mean that you have come across a poorquality oil, but you need more information to ensure the product is a good quality one.

4. Read About the Purity

Suppliers will also label their products as being pure essential oils. This is a term that’s highly overused in the essential oil field. It means that the supplier is interested in supplying only pure oils, but don’t rely only on this description. Pure essential oils can be obtained from poor quality crops, stored incorrectly, or handled poorly. Although you should only purchase essential oils that are pure, you still need to do some additional work to make sure it’s the quality that you need.

5. Look at the Packaging

Since essential oils can break down over time, looking at how they are stored can tell you a fair amount about the supplier. Most vendors will sell essential oils in small containers that are dark colored glass. The dark color prevents the oils from sun damage and keeps them fresh for a longer time. Avoid any oils that are sold in clear glass or plastic containers. This usually means that the vendor hasn’t done a good job of protecting the oil from breakdown.

6. Read Through the Listing

When reading the listing, look to see if the manufacturer has included the Latin name for the plant. The label should also include the country where the plant was grown and harvested as well as how it was extracted. This is important as some essential oils can be extracted from more than a single plant. There are several types of lavender, for example, and you want to ensure that you’re getting the type you prefer.

7. Read About the Extraction Process

Essential oils can be extracted in a variety of ways, but you should avoid any oils that have been extracted with solvents such as hexane. This process of extraction can damage the oil and harm its therapeutic properties. Also, the oil may still contain traces of solvents which may pose a health risk. The only exception to this rule is rose absolute. Due to its unique nature, it is safe to use providing that you obtain it from a reputable supplier. Most suppliers will provide their extraction process so read through this before making a purchase.

8. Review Price Differences

Although this is not necessarily a sign of bad quality, review the prices of essential oils before purchasing. Some vendors will sell each of their essential oils for the same price. This is not necessarily a sign of poor quality, but it should be concerning. As some essential oils are much more expensive to produce than others, you should see price differences.

It’s also a good idea to notice when prices vary a great deal with suppliers. For example, patchouli is a moderately expensive oil to purchase. If you find it incredibly cheap from one supplier, this may be sign that you’re buying a poor quality product. Price isn’t the only measure of quality, but you should avoid any prices that seem abnormally low.

9. Consider Sample Requests

Many times, you can tell a little more about the quality of an oil by trying it out at home. Since you’re purchasing a product online, you may need to request a sample before purchasing a larger size. If you find a vendor and are interested in making a purchase, ask for two or three samples of oils. The goal is to find a vendor that you are happy with before making a larger order.

However, vendors often struggle to provide samples as many people request them. They may ask for payment for samples;this is not a warning sign and should even be expected with larger providers. The policy can actually mean that the company is in high demand. Since it is expensive for vendors to provide samples, be willing to pay for a few samples as needed. Chances are, you’ll only need to try a few samples to determine their quality.

These are all simple but effective ways to purchase essential oils online from a reputable supplier. Although you always want to be cautious, many people find that a little work before purchasing can make a large difference. Use these tips to ensure that you’re getting the very best quality possible prior to purchasing.

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