No car owner embraces booking into an auto garage. Let’s be honest; we all resent paying those labor fees. Anyway, we’ve all been in the position where mechanics keep our cars hostage until we pay for repairs we may or may not need. Heck, most of the time, you take your car in for a wheel issue and end up paying for a new engine.

Given these downsides, though, we’re incredibly fast to the phone when things go wrong. It makes sense in a way. After all, many of us rely on our vehicles to get us to work. And, it’d be fair to reason that paying for repairs the moment you need them is cheaper than losing days at work.

But, what if we were to tell you that, sometimes, you don’t need the garage at all? In fact, too few us realize we can take care of many common repairs by ourselves. And, no, we aren’t talking about standard car maintenance issues. Instead, we’re referring to jobs which look as though they need a garage, but have simpler fixes than you might know. If that sounds good to you, read on to find out what they are.

A Dent in your Door

The sun is shining, you’re set to beat rush hour, and then you notice someone’s slammed into your car door. Sure, that dent doesn’t impact your driving, but it hardly looks excellent. Time to phone the garage, you suppose. But, stop right there, because you can quickly take care of this yourself. For one, there are many gadgets on the market which suck dents right back into place. Even if you don’t want to pay that money, there’s every chance a cup plunger could do the job. And, the cost is sure to fade in comparison to what a garage would charge.

Scratched Paint

Every vehicle has a scratch or two somewhere. But, redoing paintwork is pricey and time-consuming. So, you put it off until a low-hanging branch leaves a painfully visible mark. Then you have no choice but to turn to the professionals, right? WRONG! In fact, with the help of a color wrap like those found at Lucent Wraps, there’s no need to redo paintwork at all. Instead, put a wrap in place which hides a multitude of sins. Even better, this won’t cost anywhere near as much as new paintwork would.

Changing your Battery

When our engines start playing up, we all go into panic mode. The moment your battery light flashes, you probably get your garage on speed dial. But, that only means they’ll charge an arm and a leg for a job which takes less than ten seconds. Instead, invest in a battery charger and measure this yourself. This will tell you straight away if your battery is the problem. If so, head to your local auto shop and buy a like for like replacement. Putting your new one in place is a simple as, well, replacing a battery. Only much bigger!

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