Climatology and Weather Forecasting is the application of science and technology that is highly significant in determining future climate expectation. Latitude also can help you determine the likelihood of snow and hail reaching the surface.

The role of android weather apps is just to equip you with current condition and weather forecast.

Without any exaggeration, every Smartphone has a widget which is used to forecast the weather urgently. However, plenty of apps are there for iPhone or Android which are precisely being used to forecast the weather around the globe.

Additionally, weather apps have features other than forecasting the weather; they can show climate and natural changes on the planet for a certain time.

So let’s read out the best weather apps and weather widgets for android phones.

  1. AccuWeather Perks

The app is smartly and efficiently laid out with lovely dark theme option. It functions excellently for Android users to keep them updated with the severe weather conditions. It, comprehensively, provides hourly, daily, and fortnightly weather forecast that keeps your calendar updated.  It also highlights alerts for incoming severe weather conditions such as thunderstorm, snow, lightning, tornadoes or dust storms. On top of that, this is freely available on Google play store.

  • 1Weather: a beautifully designed application

It comes out as the most renowned and highest rated and beautifully designed weather application for Android users. It works like radar that is used as a lightning warning system which provides information on hourly and daily basis. It includes a good package of features such as real-time weather predictions, dangerous weather alerts with lunar phase indicator, and the detailed radar maps that are used by weather station professional.

Moreover, the weather is facilitated and fully equipped with 25 different languages.

  • WeatherBug App is very useful for travelers

WeatherBug is specially designed for giving live weather conditions in every two seconds. It provides you with the real-time 10-day forecast which can help you plan your vacation trip.

The features of this application include lightning strikes information based on GPS location. Moreover, you can check the weather condition on the spot. On top of that, it pops up minute to minute lightning information on your android mobile screen.

WeatherBug is a highly reliable app for the most accurate hourly forecast.

  • YoWindow Weather App is a newly launched app

YoWindow Weather app is a newly launched weather app in the world of Android market by RepKaSoft. The magic of YoWindow is based on a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it’s thundering and lightning_ YoWindow is seen with thundering and lightning. In this beautiful app, the time of sunset and the sunrise is as real as in real life.

  • Go Weather: is free to purchase

Go Weather is freely available on Google play store and is made by Go Launcher Ex for android phones. It is one of the highly and successfully ranked weather apps that provide a forecast, current weather, and radar.

It has been designed as very effective weather widgets having live theme options, detailed weather reports, checks on humidity in the air, a view of sunset and sunrise, displays about the wind speed in a separate chart, etc.  

  • Storm Radar: Tornado Trackers & Hurricane Alerts

Storm Radar is uniquely different from other weather apps with respect to focusing on severe weather such as tornadoes, thunderstorm, hurricanes, and other meteorological acts of God.

You can get a lot of additional features like forecasts, current temperature and many more.

  • Dark Sky claims hyperlocal accuracy

Dark Sky is one of the renowned weather apps in the Android Weather Apps Market. It emphatically claims that it can tell you hyperlocal accuracy within minutes of when it is actually going to rain.

Dark Sky provides a global map view that shows you exactly where the rain and snow are worldwide at any given time.

These best weather apps really serve you a lot and you can plan your various events accordingly.

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