Holidays are perfect moments for all the family and friends to sit together and have good time. Life has become immensely busy for every individual alive. In these hectic days, holidays give us few moments to relax and forget about work. Christmas is one such event when the family sits down together, chit chat, know about each other’s routines and spend some great moments together. Women enliven such events for the whole family with their decorations, arrangements for dinner and hospitable attitude. Don’t they deserve some nice gifts for being such amazing persons?

Christmas Gifts for Women

In this article, I will share some unique and charming gift ideas for the women in your life; whether it is your mother, wife or daughter.

For Mothers:

She has always been the most adorable woman in your life, and will always remain the same. Mothers spend their whole lives striving hard to provide maximum comfort, support and peace to their offspring. They never get tired of cooking for the kids, playing with them and comforting them with their hugs. When we grow up, it is out turn to provide them with comfort, pleasure and happiness. Christmas is near, giving you the right opportunity for surprising your mom with a useful, thoughtful and unique present.

Let us have a look at the list I have made for moms.

1. It’s December! Winters!! How about going behind her and wrapping a beautiful Cashmere Pashmina shawl around her? She won’t only feel warmness of the soft shawl, but will also be covered in the warmth of your love. Choose the colour of her choice, keeping in mind the age factor. You may choose between a shawl and a stole!

2. A beautiful pearl necklace with matching earrings can touch the heart of your Mom. Old age is graceful, and nothing in jewellery is more graceful than pearls. This will tell her how much important she is for her kids.

3. Take the best photo of both of you out of your albums, and get it enlarged as well as framed. Be cautious about the uniqueness and exclusivity of the frame you use. Hang it on the wall of her room, and take her to the room with her eyes closed. She will have tears of joy in her eyes after having a look at her gift.

4. You can surprise her with a personalized Photo Calendar for the upcoming year. She will love to see her family members on every page of the calendar whole next year.

5. She must have been a hardcore fan of a movie star, in her youth. Find out about it! Make a huge collection of her favourite actor’s movies and surprise your Mom with this unique present.

6. Get her a decent coffee or tea set! Moms love crockery. She will adore you for adding to her kitchen arsenal. You might find nice Dinner set, cutlery or personalized mugs.

7. Your sweet old mother might have swollen and hurting feet, which is a common problem with aged women. You might not have enough time to sit with her every night and massage her feet, so that she falls asleep peacefully. But you can certainly gift her warm, soft and comfy foot pillow. She can fasten it on to her feet every night and go to sleep peacefully. You might also want to consider giving her a Foot Massager, which relaxes the feet within 15 minutes. Your mom might not have enough money to buy one; this gesture of yours will give her comfort, ease and deep feeling of being loved!!

8. If she is fond of reading, a yearly subscription of her favourite magazine will be awesome! It can be a cooking magazine or an entertainment centred one. A book of her choice will be equally nice. Also, you can try to get the first edition of her favourite book; this will indeed be the best gift of her life.

9. If you have writing skills, write your Mom an emotional and sentimental poem. Do you think the most beautiful words in the world can move her more than your own words written exclusively for her? Even better; get the poem typed in attractive (but readable) font having a serene background, and framed in an exceptional frame.

10. Everyone get a holiday, but Moms never get one! They have to clean, cook and wash on holidays. Why not give her a “Rest Day” by performing all the homely chores and cooking nice lunch for her? Believe me; she desperately needs a day off!

For Wives:

Here is a woman who takes best care of you after your mother, and tries to comfort you in every possible way. She keeps your house clean, takes care of your clothes and necessary possessions, cooks for you, gives you support in every aspect of life and is the better half of yourself.  She needs to get a romantic, touching and useful gift on the auspicious upcoming occasion of Christmas. You will have to keep in mind a big difference between choices of men and women; men like to receive practical items (like a wallet, cell phone, laptop, watch etc.) whereas women love emotional gifts (like perfume, flowers, chocolates, handmade cards etc.).

Following are some nice gift ideas for your wife that can make her smile and bring tears in her eyes!!!

11. Whatever age she is of, chocolates will make her really happy. Christmas is already a lovely event and chocolates will add to it. There are hundreds of chocolate kinds from which you can choose your gift; there is dark chocolate, mint chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, nut chocolate, lemon chocolate etc. Keep in mind her preference. Hot chocolate is also a very nice idea. If she is cautious regarding her calorie intake and fitness, sugar and fat free chocolates are easily available in the market.

12. Your wife is the only closest woman in your life; both of you share a high level of intimacy. This is why you can gift her nice silk lingerie or night suit. She will surely like the present.

13. Perfume is an all time favourite for women. You can check the internet for top ranking perfume lists, and choose one that attracts you the more. Some of the best options are Brit (Burberry), Very Irresistible (Givenchy), Euphoria (CK) etc.

14. Get her a decent piece of jewellery; women love jewels and ornaments. Diamond will work the best as no other gem attracts the females more than these shining transparent stones. Giving a pendent of her birthstone is also a nice idea. Buy a bracelet, ear rings, band etc and make your woman happy.

15. Shoulder bags and handheld purses will be a hit, surely! Check the current fashion trend and buy one accordingly. Big bags are being liked by the ladies these days. A nice ornamented purse with matching heels will drive her crazy!!

16. What about buying her the expensive dress she saw last month but didn’t buy? She will adore you for being caring and thoughtful. Imagine her happiness when she will be able to wear her dream dress on Christmas evening!!

17. A big (50” +) LCD or Plasma TV (with wall mounting option) can make her scream with sheer excitement! She might not be a tech lover as you are, but big screen will definitely be a pleasant surprise. Moreover, it will be a great treat by you to your own self; both of you share the same home, don’t you?!!

18. Women love bed linen! Your wife will love it even more if she does not have to buy, but rather gets it as a gift. Keep in mind her favourite colours and patterns; stripes, checks, plain, flowers etc. Get only a bed sheet, or you may go for a complete bed set including bed sheet, pillow case, cushion cover, bed cover and comforter. She will definitely love this gift.

19. There isn’t a single woman in this world who does not like shopping. Save for few months, and take your woman for a nice shopping trip. Let her check and try whatever she wants, without frowning and getting impatient. Let it be her special day!

20. For the women who have a passion for cooking, a huge cookbook will definitely be something she would love to own. Find one which focuses especially on a field of her interest; baking, pasta, continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, BBQ, salads etc.

21. How about a second honeymoon? It will give a flare to your relation and make her the happiest wife on the face of the earth. Try out a complete new and unseen destination that must interest both of you. A hill station, a beach and desert safari are very nice options.

22. Get her a weekend at spa; she will be more than happy for being treated so well. It will relax your wife, and will make her all fresh for the coming days.

For Daughter:

Here are some nice Christmas gift ideas for your little princess. For her, you are the most important person in this world. She wants to make you happy with good attitude, high grades and nice manners. The little princess deserves best gift for Christmas form her wonderful Daddy.

Let us have a look at the list.

23. Take her to an amusement park. She will be overjoyed with the excitement of thrilling resides and fun. Take photos present to her stacked in a funky album.

24. Get her a fine laptop that can aid her in studies as well as give her fun time with games and movies. Just tell your wife to keep an eye on her activities; teen age kids are not always reliable!

25. Make a gift pack; put chocolates, flowers, a beautiful dress, nice shoes and stunning goggles in that box. She will be screaming with joy and hugging you insanely!!

With these cute ideas, my list ends. Christmas is just days far, make your choice and get the nicest gift for your loved ones soon.

Comments (13)

  1. Anything with jewelry!

  2. This list is disgustingly sexist.

  3. What sort of women do you know? I don’t know ANY women that would appreciate bed linens, cook books, or half of these suggestions. Lingerie? Really? Also not ALL women enjoy shopping. Plenty of us are more practical. We don’t just blow off the world by going to the mall or finding new shoes or purses. No matter how much hollywood thinks we’re that shallow, we’re not.

    Some of them, depending on the woman, but please at least ask a woman first.

  4. There were some interesting suggestions, but I take exception to two of them. 1-lingerie is a gift ultimately for the husband, not the wife, and 2-“There isn’t a single woman in this world who does not like shopping” is a negative, untrue stereotype.

  5. Abby, Catherine and cj ALL hit the nail on the head! What a boring and somewhat “predictable” list. Seriously, lingerie? Is that a present for him or for me? As for the “shoulder bag” (aka “purse”), I would rather pick that out myself, thank you. I agree with the other ladies when I say that I don’t happen to enjoy shopping. My husband LOVES shopping, loves it when I wear lingerie, loves it when I wear pretty dresses…wait a second…did my husband write this article? lol. Next time, get a woman to write this for you please. Not even close to being original.

  6. As both a wife and mother I would be pissed if I got half the things suggested on this list. I’d be really surprised if this list wasn’t written by a man… perfume, lingerie, a flat screen… who are you kidding? And the comment that mothers love ‘crockery’… really???

  7. Really??? I hate shopping….and PLEASE…if one more person gets me chocolate I think I’ll scream!!! Lingerie???? “Shoulder bags”???? I don’t think so! I also would NOT appreciate some bed linens! Actually, I don’t like any of the items on the list. Get me some gift cards and let me do the shopping for me!

  8. As I shared these gems with my boyfriend, I made it crystal clear to him that he should never, under any circumstance, buy me bed linens as a gift. Jewelry would be welcomed at any time, however. 😀

    Overall, I found this article to be ageist, sexist and difficult to read without banging my head on the desk.

  9. Whether it’s a present for Mom, sister, wife, or daughter,I say THE perfect gift is a promise with a date to spend an afternoon, an evening, or a mini trip with this person. Walk, drive, take a train into the city, talk, eat, and really get close to this woman for a day. THAT is something so special she’ll remember it for the rest of her life . . . Your time is the ultimate gift.

  10. I find everyone’s opinion other than my own to be sexist, racist, or offensive in some way. And I feel the overwhelming need to comment.

  11. You have some great ideas here. A cashmere scarf would be really nice here in the cold northeast. And the idea of the collection of movie star photos/info is a really unique one.

  12. Gift is so important if you choose correct gift, you will be never forgettible…

  13. Hi all
    First of all, I would like to remind everyone of a very simple fact and that is, every person in this world is different from the other. This is why, this list was made keeping in mind that the world is full of women having different desires and wishes; every gift listed here belongs to a different kind of females. I am a married woman myself, and I know a lot of women who would love to get stylish Crockery, exceptional bed linen and out-of-reach expert-written Cooking books even from their husbands.

    1. Women love to go to shopping with their husbands, provided that they are being patient.
    2. Husbands giving lingerie to their wives intensify their relationship; it brings both of them closer to one another.
    3. Going for shopping does not imply that you are impractical!

    Also, I would like to make it clear that these articles are written after researching the topic thoroughly. I talked to MANY married women and asked them about their likes and dislikes; only then i made this list.

    Seemab Waleed.

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