According to some sources it’s come to lime light that Apple is targeting to enter Electric car market by 2020. The technical Team of Apple consists of 200 members and have some experts in battery and robotics which are recently added. In recent hiring one big name is Johann Jungwirth, who is former CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America. Earlier as well Apple has gave hints for entering in this vertical.

Apple hasn’t commented on the same though, but according to the sources Apple is intended to create electric car, probable which will be self-driving as well. More evidence surfaces when a manufacturer of batteries for electric cars has filed a law suit.  Apple interested for electric cars is from long back although Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has revealed it recently. Tim recently commented that Car Play, an iOS based card platform is the “key to our future”. Car Play has access from iTunes and can provide access to many techy stuff.

Last year reports revealed that Apple is in discussion to acquire Tesla for its automotive ambitions. Elon Musk, CEO of the company has also acknowledged the holding meetings. “Autonomous cars are no longer just the realm of science fiction,” Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas wrote in a research note to clients.

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