The Apple iPad 2 was unveiled by Steve Jobs on March 2nd and is expected to hit stores this March. Apple promises an all new design, a thinner, lighter and faster next generation iPad with a whole host of features and some unique accessories. As Apple enthusiasts all over the world, gear up to get their hands on their very own next generation iPad, the question that looms large in everyone’s mind is if the Apple iPad 2 will live up to our expectations.

Apple iPad 2

Let’s find out.

Apple iPad 2 Performance:

The Apple iPad 2 boasts of improved performance than its predecessor. What makes this faster performance a reality is the 1 GHz dual core A5, which has replaced the single core A4 chip available in the earlier iPad. This new addition has definitely made this next generation ipad more responsive than its predecessor. Even though for most of us the original iPad was fast enough, Apple has gone one step ahead with this brand new processor, which also offers up to nine times faster and better graphics. This change is quite apparent especially when you load new apps and also switch between apps or when you are multitasking. The Apple iPad 2 handles all of this smoothly. The Apple iPad 2 is also a gamer’s delight as it offers up to 9 times better graphics performance. The Apple iPad has a number of iPad games that players can choose from, and with the new processor the gaming experience is definitely enhances as the processor is capable of handling graphics intensive games with no stuttering and uncanny fluidness. Apple iPad 2 also promises a long battery life of 10 hours just like its predecessor. Thus all in all this next generation iPad definitely has much more performance to offer than its predecessor, making it a huge plus for the iPad 2.

Apple iPad 2 Design

The design of the new iPad 2 is also definitely another feather in its hat for Apple. The Apple iPad is so thin that it feels nothing like its predecessor. The next generation iPad measures just 0.34 of an inch, 30 percent thinner than its predecessor and thinner than the iPhone 4 too. The Apple iPad 2 is also much lighter than the original iPad, weighing 15 percent lesser than the original iPad thus making it a delight to use, whether you are surfing the internet, reading an eBook or playing a game. However, this thinner and lighter design does not mean that the iPad 2 is a fragile device. The back of the iPad is made from a single slab of aluminum which is durable and is fitted to the iPad’s internal components just like a glove. The front of the iPad 2 has a scratch resistant glass which is robust and offers all the protection that the screen needs.

Apple iPad 2 Video Calling

Another plus for the Apple iPad 2 is the video calling facility that is made possible with the presence of two cameras, a front facing VGA camera and a back facing HD camera. These cameras are able to snap shots as well as record videos too. The cameras are small, and have been designed and placed in such a way so as not to mar the iPad 2 gadget’s beauty. However the camera has no flash and can never be considered as a replacement for a camera. The cameras in this next generation iPad support Apple’s in built app, FaceTime, which is a video chat application. Coupled with the screen size of the iPad 2, faces are presented at life size and makes video calling a possibility.

Apple iPad 2 HDMI AV Output

Another feature in the iPad 2 gadget is its HDMI AV output compatibility. You can now use your Apple iPad 2 to mirror its output in TV over an HDMI connection, when you use a dock cable. The resolution that is supported goes up to 1080p however most of the iPad apps as well as video playback restrict themselves to 720p.  You can now view everything that you see on your iPad 2 gadget’s screen on the TV due to its HDMI AV output compatibility.

Apple iPad 2 Operating System

The Apple iPad 2 will be available with the iOS 4.3 which is one of the most advanced and intuitive mobile operating system. This new version of the operating system not only allows you to multitask and shift between applications, but it also brings along with it a number of new iPad apps and better efficiency. Some of the new iPad apps are FaceTime and PhotoBooth. As part of the new operating system, the web browser, Safari has also received a face lift in terms of a speed boost for better JavaScript rendering. However those expecting an Adobe Flash support in their browser will be disappointed, as the iPad 2 does not address the issue of Adobe Flash support for their Safari browser.

Apple iPad 2 App store

Apple iPad 2 can access over 65,000 iPad apps that have been made exclusively for Apple iPad. In fact you will find several new iPad apps designed just for the iPad 2. Access to the App store has long been the charm of an iPad as it makes owning an iPad interesting, thanks to the steady flow captivating games, and other affordable iPad apps that keeps users coming back for more.

Though the iPad 2 has a lot to offer to its users, it does have its own limitations. The iPad 2 is not a laptop or a smart phone replacement. If Adobe Flash enabled web experience is something that you cannot compromise with, then the Apple iPad 2 is not the gadget for you. The iPad 2 is also not a 4G device as it does not take advantage of the new generation high speed cellular data networks while there are many other top brands who have promised to offer 4G compatible devices this year. In the meanwhile, there have also been speculations that the iPad 3 comes in September 2011, however this has not been confirmed by Apple. Thus while user’s line up to get their hands on this wonder tablet, only time can tell if this next generation device is something that will change the future of technology.

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