The action camera can be the best choice for any of your expeditions be it your adventure or a simple and casual family holiday to a location of your choice. Action Camera is the new thing technology has to offer you, to build your memories for ever and keep them with you till eternity. However, there are many in the market these days who have come up with endless Action Cameras making it difficult for anyone to choose the best of the lot. With so many offerings from many players it becomes difficult for an individual to select the best and make the final choice. Follow these guidelines and choose the best action camera for yourself and creating endearing memories.

  1. Make sure the camera you are choosing gives you a high quality of image. The videos must be good to watch and should be clearly defined. Majority of the cameras come with high definition recording facility but still it is a good idea to check and confirm, before making the final choice. The Geonaute G-Eye Discover has the ability to record a video of 720p with 60 frames per seconds. This means that you can watch your video in high definition and in slow motion too. While selecting the image quality you need to make sure that the image stability is good too. The camera, GoPro has a chest mount with which you can fix the camera on your body so the vibrations while clicking are absorbed giving you a stable image.
  2. The camera needs to be light weight and easy to carry, so that when you shoot the picture your hands remain sturdy. You can get cameras with a weight of 89g, 90g or lesser, GoPro HD Hero3 black edition weights 73g! The easiest to carry and move around with. Also, the accessories of the camera are a vital point to be checked too. Your accessories must be user friendly and should have a long life, giving you high resolution images and videos. You may need mounting clips to water proof casing to additional small monitors. Access your needs and then plan the accessories accordingly. This ways you may save a lot of time as you are very clear with the accessories that you need.
  3. For a camera to be good an easy to use interface is a must. The G-Eye cameras come with a separate button to capture the image or a video. The LCD that is on board has different codes for different modes. You will have to memorise these, which you can with practise, and once you have them on your mind you can easily access or unlock different modes while shooting.
  4. The camera just need not be compact but the features need to be compatible and excellent too. The action cameras offered by Escape and G-Eye Discover then you get the cameras with laser which will allow you to focus better and precisely on the object that you want to capture. This allows you a better quality of image. The camera GoPro HD Hero 3 comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi, so you can install the camera controlling application on your smart phone and easily control your camera using your smart phone. So make sure you understand the features well before finally making the purchase.
  5. If you have just started the use of action camera then we suggest you go in for G-Eye Discover it will allow you the much needed practise one needs in the beginning. Also, the choice of cameras will differ from one individual to the other and would also depend upon their professional needs.

An aspiring filmmaker, a part time teacher and writer, and most importantly a chai addict, Aleena Mashhood shares her views from time to time on various interesting blogs.

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