Riding a motorbike is fun and exiciting for new riders. However, it requires a lot of vigilance and road sense to avoid any mishap. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcyclists are 30 times more prone to crash incidents compared to car drivers. It is, therefore, necessary to protect yourself with proper safety gears and pay attention to riding rules on the road and track. Today, we will talk about a few motorcycle riding tips for beginners:

Choose the Right Bike:

Before we talk about road safety on two wheels, let’s discuss the bike itself first. Buy the motorcycle you feel comfortable to handle. If you are a new rider, you may need to consider a bike with lighter weight, lower seat height and a low price tag. If you are an experienced rider, you have plenty of options to choose from. Motorbikes can be classified into four categories:

  • Street Bikes
  • Off-road bikes
  • Dual-purpose motorcycles
  • Scooters and mopeds

Within these categories are different bikes including Cruisers, Sport Bikes, Touring Bikes, Dirt Bikes and so on.

Cover the Head with a Helmet or Head Mask:

Bike crashes can be severe and lethal. Most deaths occur due to brain injuries, therefore it is vital to protect it with a helmet featuring face shields. Take a look at these soumy helmets for sale; they are accessible in different shapes and colors to match the look of your motorbike. Other than that, some teens prefer bold looking bandana head wraps. Head wraps work well for people who find helmets heavy and awful during riding. The wrap protects the hair and keep them in-place even after a speedy ride. At least it gives a material covering to your head. Get the best motorcycle face mask and keep your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Wear the Right Gear:

A jeans and t-shirt may look awesome for a casual ride, but they are not appropriate for a fun expeditious night out with your friends. For maximum protection, wear a leather jacket or any reinforced jacket, over the ankle footwear, full pant, and gloves. Remember to choose bright colors, as fast riders are often missed by drivers in the night time. Get high-quality fashion gears at affordable rates on Bike Bandit.com, and benefit yourself from the ongoing sale here and place your order today.

Ride Defensively:

Car drivers usually do not take into account bike riders. According to a report by the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research, 60% of car-bike accidents occur due to the fault of car drivers. Keep a close eye on the cars that suddenly change lanes, always ride with your headlights on, and stay away from driver’s blind spot.

Ready to Hit the Road – Check These Things First:

Once you have found the perfect gear and are ready to hit the road, make certain the following things are in proper working condition:

  • Clutch and throttle
  • Mirrors
  • Brakes
  • Horns

Mirrors should be neat and scratch free, and the brakes should be powerful enough to hold the motorbike upright. Better to buy a bike with anti-lock brakes (ABS) better control in emergency situations and on slippery tracks.

Hone your Skills Through Proper Learning:

Most young riding enthusiasts don’t feel the need to learn about the traffic rules and get formal riding education. Fortunately, they do not have to take long classes now as there are lots of video guides and short riding courses available online that can help develop great riding techniques and have good command over street riding and racing.

It’s fun to skip the rules and cross the laws when you start riding but a sensible approach will help you stay safe and enjoy the pleasure to the fullest. Be a good guy and ride safe!

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