Market is flooded with numerous laptops of catchy brands, colors, sizes and configurations. The numbers are huge enough to confuse a person thinking to buy one. I  have sorted out a list of the 6 best laptops of 2014 till now, which can certainly be a guideline to which one to buy:

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display (13-inch):

This 13 inch powerhouse packs quite a punch for the buck when compare to other high resolution 13 inch models available in the market. Needless to say , it comes with the Retina pro display which brings together a brighter , crisper visuals and also very powerful  graphics. The baby is powered by  the quad core Intel Core i5 processor ( 4th gen 2.9 GHZ ) and Inter Iris integrated Graphics , 8 GB of RAM. It has a storage capacity of 128GB flash based storage.

It has a solid unibody frame made of aluminium and has a glass body and in spite of it that it appears to have a solid build. It has a screen resolution of 2560*1600 and an LED backlight display. It is in fact a little bit lighter than its predecessor , but in terms of being sleek and light it still lags behind others in this category.  It has a backlit keyboard and a large trackpad that can be clicked.

It comes pre installed with Maverick (the latest OS X version ) and also has applications like iWork and iLife pre installed.
The laptop comes with two USB 3.0 ports, two  thunder bolt port  , a card slot for SDXC card slot  and even HDMI ports. However ,it lacks a basic Ethernet port. However ,this can be achieved using adaptors that are sold separately.

Your web chats , video calls will get a major boost in this model  because of the presence of dual microphones and a 720 p camera.

According to some articles it can even last up to 13 hours instead of the advertised 9 hours.

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display

So here are the positives and negatives:

Positives : excellent battery life , faster graphics and faster ports
Negatives : RAM and storage cannot be extended.Absence of extra add on Graphics card

Acer Aspire S7-392 :

This is one of the slickest and stylist ultrabook currently available in the market and it boasts of a Gorilla Glass lid and a minimalist design making it the darling of all tech savvy Windows loving crowd. It is very thin and light and consists on an aluminium cover built over a plastic body. It has a Macbook like feel to it. The Keyboard tray is gently intended and the keys actually slope into the board. The function keys are not there as a separate set , instead they are mapped to numeric keys. The touch pad is nice and very responsive.  The screen appears very light and thin and is hinged in such a way that it aids the touch operations.

Acer Aspire S7-392

This laptop comes equipped with a Haswell Generation Intel Core i5 processor , 8 GB Ram and 128 GB solid state drive. There seems to be enough firepower packed in this for surfing the internet , accessing Social Media , Office work and playing HD videos. The laptop seems very responsive in all touch operations. The battery life seems excellent. It comes equipped with 2 HDMI ports , 2 Video inputs and 2 Mini Display Ports.It also contains 2 USB ports , a SD card slot but lacks an Ethernet port.
It comes pre installed with Windows 8.

The following are some of the positives and negatives of this laptop:

Positives:  A very battery friendly processor
Negatives: The keyboard and touchpad lacks the finesse of a high end ultrabook

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500:

This is a funky themed , 15 inch powerhouse based on Windows 8 having gaming capabilities. It has brushed metal finish with a backlit keyboard which is excellent for seeing in the dark. It also comes with a wrist rest.

The standout feature of this laptop is the presence of a second bay that can be used to add an additional Graphics card or a hard drive.It comes with an Intel Core i7 2.4 MHZ processor and an NVidia GPU ,one 1 TB Solid state drive and an 1080 p screen. It had outperformed in all the standard benchmark tests . However, it lacks a touch and the battery life is not one of its strong points.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

It comes preinstalled with Windows 8.

The following are some of the positives and negatives of this laptop:

Positives:  accessory bay that can be swapped , excellent graphics , fast processor
Negatives : No touch screen

HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15:

This is a super slim , touch screen 15 inch laptop with excellent accessories and a matching performance to boast of. The spector boast of full metal body with a brushed finish. The keyboard appears to be the standard HP variety with rounded keys at t four corners.

The screen is 15.6 inches and has a 1920x , 1080 pixel resolution as it should be for laptops in the similar price range. The pride and joy of this laptop is the Beats speakers ( 4 internal speakers ) which gives a new meaning to listening to music. Another cool feature is the presence of Thunderbolt ports.In addition to these ports it also has USB 3.0 ports and other necessary ports.

HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15

The intel Core i7 processors pack quite a punch and have fared excellently in all benchmarks with Windows 8. It comes pre installed with Windows 8. However the battery life is not that great.

Here are some pros and cons of this laptop:

Pros : Slick , excellent speakers
Cons : Not great Graphics or battery life.

HP Spectre 13T-3000:

This is a smashing new ultrabook with excellent design , great performance. One of the trendiest features are the left and right hand strips around the touch pad called the comfort zones. They provide an easier way of navigating the Windows 8 GUI. The screen boasts of 1080p resolution and the backlit display adds more appeal to it. It has a dark brushed metal lid which goes very well with a brushed metal interior.

HP Spectre 13T-3000

It boasts of Beats audio speakers which provides excellent sound quality . It has two video inputs , two USB ports. The Intel Core i5 processor adds decent performance levels to this laptop. The battery life is impressive for this laptop.

The following are some pros and cons for this laptop:

Pros: extra wide touch pad , excellent design , slim
Cons: Problems with the comfort zones

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro:

This is an excellent looking , slick , back folded Hybrid currently available in the market. The screen can be folded 180 degrees ,thereby can be pointed towards an audience. When the screen is folded it becomes a slate and in that mode the keyboard is disabled and cannot be used. This has been done to protect from unnecessary pressing of keys which can cause disruptions.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

It comes with Windows 8.1 pre installed , along with an Intel Core i5 processor , 4 GB RAM and 128 GB solid state drive.It  boasts  of an excellent HD Screen with a 3200*1800 resolution. The CPU is powerful enough for day to day computing needs. However the number of ports a limited ( one USB port , one Micro HDMI video input , no Ethernet port ( can be possible using a dongle )).The battery life is not that great.

The following are some positives and negatives of this laptop:

Positives: Excellent resolution , backlit keyboard
Negatives : Keyboard issues in tablet mode , unimpressive battery life.

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