In life, there are always going to be those things that we shop around for, and those that we don’t. Generic and branded groceries, vacations, and even your car purchase itself are often things that we naturally try to get the price for. Because you can often score a better deal elsewhere. But we don’t always carry this tactic or outlook over to other areas of our lives. And that can let us down. Because there are always areas that we can look to save money on if only we shopped around. Just like you can get the best price for your car when you shop around, you can often do the same when it comes to a lot of the essentials that go with it too. So let’s take a look at what they are.


Up first has to be insurance. You know that you need to take out car insurance, but it can often be a frustrating purchase to make – especially when the premiums are so high. So, don’t just take those premiums are what you should pay. Instead shop around. You should look to take in a range of prices from sites such as to make the decision. You’ll always find that when you compare policies and prices, you’ll be able to get exactly what you need at the best price.

Roadside Assistance

On a similar level, roadside assistance is another service that you need to make sure you compare. Even if you’ve been with AAA for years and you love their service or feel safe knowing that they’re a long established company, you could be paying over the odds for this kind of comfort. Instead, if only you were to shop around and compare what other breakdown cover providers can offer, you may find that you can make a significant saving.

Fuel Card

This won’t always apply to every driver, but if you’re someone that does use a fuel card, you should definitely be shopping around for this. Even if you’re considering using a fuel card service, you need to head to sites such as to get the best price and deal for your needs.


You know that you should be getting a service each year. But sometimes, the cost can really put you off, or make you want to skip a year. This will always be the case if you automatically go to the dealer. They’re notorious for charging more. Instead, you should look to compare prices that are offered by local companies for the same job and you’ll be sure to get the best one.


And then there’s also your repairs. Because you’re not always going to go to the same place that you have your service done when work needs doing on your car. Instead, you need to be smart about it and look to get a range of quotes. This will make sure that you get the best price, and don’t get overcharged by the first place you go to.

Image Credit: Pexels – Tookapic

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