Technology is booming with time and you get to see new and innovative products around you almost every day. New companies are making their appearance in tech markets with their creative products that not only leave you amazed but you get exciting services to cater your needs. We have compiled a list of 10 Technology Startups that can be Revolutionary .Let’s have a look what they are.

1) UFlavor:

Choose your drink


Summers are here and so a new service called UFlavor that let you choose your own drink. This site lets you chose the ingredients for your drink. You can even make a label for your beverage. You can later order the customized cocktail mix and enjoy your drink.

2) JobOn:

Get your dream job

Now your dream job is a reality as JobOn allows job lookers to record interview questions. It shows the latest job opportunities and allows job seekers to save their first impression that will also help the hiring manager to select the employees.

3) Flight Hub:

Fly high

Flight Hub

Fly safe and high with the new technology, as Flight Hub provides you an avionics signal-routing platform. It has a plug and play feature and it can detect instrument precision and functionality in aircraft instrument panels. Its unique feature is that it decreases aircraft downtime, and enhances aircraft operation.

4) TouchFire:

Touch and Type

For those iPad users who are used to typing, TouchFire is a blessing. This company has made a silicone gel keyboard to lie on the top of your iPad. This keyboard is thinner and the keys are springy. The keyboard sticks to the iPad with magnets and you can enjoy typing with it.

5) GetAround:

Enjoy your ride


Now enjoyment is not far away as you can get a ride instantly and go anywhere. Get Around is one such rental car service site that gives you all the info about cars whether convertible or hatchbacks. You can then rent them and go where you want. The renter however, has to tap in a code to unlock the car. This service initially works in San Francisco and Silicon Valley but intends to expand it to other places as well.

6) Liquipel:

Give your iPhone a protective treatment


Gadgets get dirty and their cleaning can be difficult. Liquipel gives a chemical treatment to your iPhone and protects it from dust. There is also a clear cover available with the kit to keep your iPhone safe.

7) Burn Note:

Personalize your messages

Burn Note is a single user site that lets you to create and send personalized messages. Once the message is read by the recipient, it is destroyed and no one else can read it even the administrators of the site. This unique service uses the rijndael-256 module of the PHP mcrypt library. The messages are saved in an SQL database and there is no way to find the messages. Unspecified ID is required to find the message that is updated every 24 hours for both the sent and received texts.

8) Socrative:

Be Socrates

You can be Socrates also, if you are an educator. Socrative has made teaching easier by providing teachers a series of educational exercises and games, through latest gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The study material can easily be accessed and you can keep students busy in their favorite educational activities.

9) CubeVibe:

Enjoy Business productivity

Companies can now improve their performance and enhance business productivity with CubeVibe. This software allows the company to keep in check the employee engagement and performance in the company.

10) Cloud Stack:

Get extra storage

Cloud Stack

Cloud Stack is a masterpiece designed by It is open source software that allows service providers to convert the available physical and virtual resources into cloud computing service.

These are the 10 startups that we think, can prove to be revolutionary in this world of tech lovers. What do you think??Do let us know??

11) Essential:

Tech straight from Android’s Developer!


In today’s world, who isn’t dazzled by awesome gadgets that ameliorate one’s life in wonderful ways? Well, “Essential” is just another “essential” (pardon the pun) company, spearheaded by Andy Rubin: the original developer of Android OS who sold it too Google. Yes, Andy, the tech head has teamed up to provide us with one of the best mobile phone devices in the market, right now. However, Essential is more than just a cell phone developing company; the startup promises multifarious upcoming tech facilities, like smart home controlling software systems, to keep you in the loop all day. Make sure you check them out.

12) Exabeam:

Catch your Hacker Spies!


Exabeam is a cutting edge intelligent network administrator which catches hackers trying to hack into computer networks. It can also be employed as a forensic service after an attack. More and more companies are getting Exabeam for their network systems every day; the product is a hit in 2017 and will be for coming years.

13) Domino Data Lab:

The Github of Data Science

Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab is indispensable to people who work in data science. It just might be to data science what Github is to coding: a large online repository for people who work in data science to share tools and help each other. Domino Data Lab is going to boom in the coming years, as data science becomes more common in future.

14) Prospera:

Bringing AI to Agriculture


It’s quite true that technology has improved almost all facets of our lives. It’s not just urban people who reap the benefits of technology, rural population is also being facilitated in their everyday works. This is where a much-needed startup like Prospera comes in. Prospera is an enormous online database, which is “Reinventing the way data is utilized in Agriculture”. Prospera employs deep learning to generate artificial intelligence to enable farmers to perform best agricultural practices depending on the time, weather, etc. of specific areas. Definitely a revolutionary startup!

15) MIST:

Smart Wifi for Smart Device Era


A fast and reliable internet connection is a lifeline of today’s teenagers. MIST is certainly for such internet-loving people out there who are in need of wifi access at places like hotels, shops, restaurants and other public places where it is difficult for the vendor to setup a reliable wifi system for all the customers. MIST ensures safe, secured, easy to connect and reliable wifi connection for the customers, to keep your business on the go!

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