Interesting Facts about Television

1. In year 1926, J.L. Baird first displayed television which had only 30 lines and gave coarse image. Currently the digital signal of the television sends pictures with 1080 lines.

2. A 103-inch plasma TV from Panasonic is the largest plasma TV currently available in the market, costing approximately around $70,000 .

3. By the time the American child reaches 14, on an average they have seen around 11,000 murders on television.

4. The television advertisement first broadcasted on 1st July, 1941 in New York. The advertisement was for Bulova Watch for 20 seconds. It was aired before a game of baseball played between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Brooklyn Dodgers. The cost of air buy during that time was only $9.

5. In 2008, the cost of 30 seconds advertisement was $2.7 million in the Super Bowl broadcast. It is the world’s most costly airtime.

6. NASA has announced that they have lost all of their original tapes of Apollo 11’s TV transmission in August, 2006.

7. The Late Late Show of Ireland which started in 1962 and The Tonight Show which started in 1954 are the longest running talk show in the world.

8. Sony began selling VCRs in 1970 that was capable of recording the television shows. However, Sony was sued by the film studios for copyright piracy. Later on, the Supreme Court backed Sony.

9. Queen Elizabeth II has launched her own YouTube channel after fifty years when she first address for the Christmas to the public of UK.

10. Nearly 36 percent mobile phone users can now watch the video beamed straight in their phones and the trend is still rising.



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  1. Very informative history about TV.

  2. plasma TV has great qualities.

  3. Amazing facts about television. Never heard of any one like these before.
    Every fact is interesting, but the third one “. By the time the American child reaches 14, on an average they have seen around 11,000 murders on television”
    Is it true??….If it is then I think we should be ashamed of ourselves, or rather we try to highlight such issues and then drive some kind of pleasure watching it.

  4. lol i am jus doin hmwrk showin how tv developed over time !! yes can u believe that we now hav LED TV omg!! from this old thing (well this brill invented television which improved so well which is now old but then it was magnificent!) to a high tec LED tv sooo slim u wudnt believe it ! woooow this world is soo clever,… peoples brains goshhh HOW THEY EXPAND ….MAYB ONE DAY ONE OF US CHILDREN CUD MAKE UP A WONDER 😀 WOT A SPEECH LOL 😀 ..

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  6. i have just had to do a essay on televiosion and all i needed was this one web page and all is done, brilliant, very interesting and very varied in information, lovely x

  7. I find it hard to belive that children will see 11,000 murders on tv by the time they are 14. I don’t belive it. The number is way to high.

  8. hope this helps with my speech

  9. this is great information

  10. nice job of information it looks like great work

  11. that was imformative but not very intersting execpt 3, 5 , and 7

  12. i neededd very interesting facts but oveerall it was good

  13. Looks like this is the place to come if you’re doing a speech on TV!!! It’s great!

  14. my mom believes the third fact because when my brother reached 14 he has seen 11,000 murders

  15. Hey ppl Just wanted to say that I am doin a report on the baird television and i mean at first i thought that John Logie Baird sounded just lik Yogie Bear!!!! I mean it’s for my social studies class and im just a sixth grader!!! But still TV is still the most awesomest think anyhting ever

  16. this was good info for a project thanks

  17. awsome facts i just loved it…………
    Even it is useful for my school activities

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