Interesting Facts About Telescopes

The world know this fact very well that the creator of Telescope was the Dutchman named Hans Lippershey. He invented telescope in the year 1608. However, very few people know that the device was actually invented before 3 years. It was invented by the kids who were playing with the lenses in a spectacle shop.

  • The first man who actually turns path of the telescope to the sky was Galileo. His efforts lead to the discovery of satellite of Jupiter and craters on the surface of moon.  He even tried to see the sun through his telescope which was the main reason for his blindness in the later part of his life.
  • “Leviathan of Parsonstown,” of Ireland is a reflecting telescope weighing nearly 40 ton. It was created by the Earl of Rosse in the year 1845. It became the world’s largest for around seven decades. Due the moist weather it was kept shut almost all time.
  • All important observatories are built in the clean, clear environment, preferable on the mountaintop.
  • To deliver the 100-inch mirror on the mountain Wilson for Hooker Telescope, there were around 200 men who drove for 8 long hours to reach the torturous destination.
  • Now a day’s most of the professional astronomers operate telescope remotely by their computers. On a very rare chance they look through the eyepiece.
  • Do you know, NASA was way behind in launching the Hubble Space Telescope? It was launched in the year 1990, after 7 years delay and with over their budget limit of $2 billion.
  • Tune your obsolete analog TV in to a barren channel. The snow you will notice would be from cosmic microwave background.
  • The telescopes that uses the gamma rays can able to detect light coming from different big explosion of the universe which is most probably caused by the dying stars which has started to collapse into the black holes. As a matter of fact, if there is any bursting of gamma ray took place only within 6000 light years, there would not be any living creatures remain on earth.
  • Do you know about the weirdest among all telescopes? It was the telescope in to which physicist Raymond Davis Jr used 100,000 gallons of dry-cleaning fluid in order to discover the neutrino particles which is invisible but they come out from the sun.

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