Zune HD Price

As the competition between the international Smartphone markets has been rising, the developers are coming with some new promotions and packages to defeat the other one. The latest news regarding the developer’s policies is that Microsoft has reduced the Zune HD prices which were not so high. It has been reported that the price of 16GB Zune has been lowered to $190 from $220 and the price of 32GB platinum Zune has been lowered to $250 from $290. The new price range of Zune will give it more importance over the iPod in terms of pricing.

Photo by ZuneHD
Photo by ZuneHD

Apart from the price it is also seen that the Zune’s specifications are also quite good which includes a 3.3 inch OLED touch screen display and also the Nvidia Tegra system on the chip is its remarkable feature. From such news it can be noticed that the competition between Microsoft and Apple is going to be tougher in the future and up till no company is leading over the other because in some capabilities iPod is better than Zune and in some other Zune is better. According to some claims the price drop of Zune will be very effective for those shoppers are are going through some bad economic times.

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