Xbox is the most popular game console in the market today. The Xbox 360 console consist of exclusive IBM Powered PC-based CPU unit which has three 3.2 GHz cores. Each of these three cores has two hardware threads. A graphics processor of 500 MHz is a custom for 360 and it is capable to support the 48 pixels shader pipelines and also able to push 4 times as many polygons compared to that in original Xbox. Xbox 360 console is one of the best to enjoy the digital gaming experiences.

Experience the high definition! Yes, all games are available at 720p minimum resolution and options are there to increase the resolution up to 1080p. It also offers an effective widescreen viewing for 16:9. Even in the lower end model one can still enjoy the resolution of 480p.

Online gaming and streaming videos are really cool features in it. You can customize the playlist, can do instant messaging, and above all it has connectivity to many USB compatible devices. You have the options to purchase on-demand contents. Ethernet cable and adapter or the cordless controller can be connected to this console easily.

It weighs lesser than its previous model. The dimension of new Xbox 360 measures 3.3 (H) x 12.2 (W) x 10.2 (D) inches and it weighs 7.7 lbs while last Xbox released weighed 8.8 lbs.

There are 2 memory card slots which are present on the front side of the machine and the similar pair for USB ports is hidden in the hinged flap. With these USB ports you can able to communicate with various portable appliances like MP3 players, digital cameras, PDA, even the laptops.

And the ports which are mounted on the fronts can also be used for attaching the controllers. The connection buttons and an infrared port which are available make it easier to integrate with its remote controls present in seconds flat and with the wireless gamepads.

It can also auto-detects the wireless home networks and the wired broadband connections, however you could configure the IP addresses and the encryption settings on your own manually. High speed online access is not necessarily needed for just using the device.

By plugging it in a digital jukebox like PDA you can very easily transfer your favorite music onto your console. You can personalize the slide shows of your photo album to give special effects to your photo viewing experience.

Those who are having Windows Media Center PC can buy music online, even can record, pause or playback live feeds of HDTV. All units of Xbox 360 have CD ripping facilities as well.

Get the Xbox 360 today and enjoy the difference of your gaming experience.

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