Most Expensive Mobile Phones

The mobile phone is one of the technologies which are very common now days but have you ever thought of your mobile to be the one which makes you unique and which is no less than a precious antique? If you have never thought like this than starts thinking because here in this article I am going to discuss some of the most luxurious mobile phones which you have never imagined before. If you want to give your girlfriend or life partner a very unique gift which is out of this world and you are ready to go for any hefty price it costs then you have an option to go for such cell phones that will take you and your partner into a dreamland. These are truly the technical revolutions which can make you a prince or princess and these unique mobiles are made especially for the elite class.

1. Amosu Diamond Nokia N95:

Price: $24,475

You all have seen the multi-functional Nokia N95 and most of you might be having one but this one is not a simple N95 but it is a luxurious piece of antique which is decorated with diamonds. This mobile will give you the class with quality and the beauty of this mobile phone is just over the imagination. This antique kind of N95 is decorated with 18 carats white gold and 325 diamonds which are totally 3.3 carats in weight.

Amosu Diamond Nokia N95Photo by cliboub

Amosu have developed this mobile as a unique cell phone and according to their claim ten of the diamonds have never been created before. So be the first to get this ornamental beauty for you. The price of this mobile phone is $24,475 and the company also provides you the choice to select the colors of diamonds according to your style. Other than the decorations this handset is a fully working N95 which is famous for its multi-functional capabilities.

2. GoldVish Le Million

Price: $1.3 million

GoldVish Le MillionPhoto by f2244f

This one is the Guinness world record holder of being the most expensive mobile phone of the world, technologically it might not be like many top class mobile phones but in style and luxury it had no companion until the development of Alisson’s iphone 3g. This one is the most stunning mobile phone which is decorated by 1800 diamonds totaling about 120 carats. If you want to be unique than you have to but unique things as well.

The features for this mobile are also pretty nice, comes with a 2GB internal memory, 8x zoom camera and quad band support. This one is designed especially for the elite class and if claim to be an elite than this one is especially for you. As said earlier these mobiles cab be the best ever gifts for your loved one and this mobile has been purchased by a Russian business man for his wife.

3. Vertu Pink Diamonds Signature

Price: $ 107,500

This one could be called only a luxurious mobile phone because in capabilities it is not a very high class mobile phone but for the beauty and luxury it is also one of the records breaking phone developed Vertu. It was developed in 2005 and from that time it has got a huge round of a clause from the customers. This superb piece of technology has been made by almost 1,000 gemstones, purely made up of rose gold this mobile has been developed in limited quantity. This luxurious replica VERTU Signature M series has pink diamond crystals and ceramic shell plated with 18 carat gold. What could be a more luxurious gift for a woman other than this ornamental rose decorated mobile phone?

Vertu Pink Diamonds SignatuPhoto by anhchangthichtusat

Final words

These were some of the most luxurious and expensive mobile phones of the world and due to the arrangement of diamonds and pearls on both three of them they can be perfect for the female customers. They will not only provide the technology to their user but also will enhance their style and give them the luxury which they have never experienced before.

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  1. Mind blowing these all phone look so nice and decorative.I think this phone look so expensive.
    You describe very nice post with this beautiful phones.

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