Right now, your business might have various layers of complex infrastructure in place for its telecoms system. You might even deem that infrastructure necessary if you seek to keep your communications with customers and clients smooth and hassle-free.

However, such a messy arrangement can mean that you too easily miss valuable opportunities for savings. If you arrange for a third party to audit your current telecoms system, they could uncover areas of wasted expenditure – for the following reasons…

You might have signed up for an excessively long contract

Bytestart.co.uk highlights various “rookie mistakes” made by new businesses – including signing up for unhelpfully long contracts valid for 3 or 5 years. Unfortunately, cash-strapped new firms can be overly tempted by such carrots as installation offered for free with the contract.

Tying yourself up with the contract could see you having to pay penalties if your business outgrows the limits of the contract and so needs to cancel it. Your firm should aim for a more flexible deal.

Serviced offices limit your telecoms options

Serviced offices can initially appeal to businesses, especially those unwilling to make the long-term commitment typically necessary with renting a dedicated space. However, you might have been ensnared by a serviced office that requires you to use its own telecoms services.

Those services could be dauntingly expensive compared to those you could organise yourself. The office also might not permit you to port a number that it originally let you use – and promote.

You can too easily be over-billed without noticing

According to analyst estimates cited by Network World, 10% to 20% of telecom charges are mistakenly billed. If your business has been hit by any of these erroneous charges, it wouldn’t help that the telecoms provider might have buried them within the monthly charges for a large bundle.

While the carrier would not have done this intentionally, telecoms agreements can undoubtedly be bewilderingly byzantine. A telecoms auditor might be able to tease out instances of over-billing.

Forgoing “business-grade” telecoms to save money

Here is another risk when starting out: that of spurning “business-grade” services because residential services – particularly mobile phone and broadband services – “do the job”. However, it’s not only the billed costs that would be lower – the service levels would be, too.

Therefore, by sticking with those services, you could be frittering away more money than you would theoretically be saving. An audit could help you see when you need a more corporate-friendly deal.

You haven’t yet switched to a VoIP phone service

The savings of making this particular jump could be massive; according to the UK-based telecoms provider Planet Numbers, most users of its VoIP service reduce their monthly phone costs by at least 75%. Taking up this option could see you pay just a fraction of your expense on traditional landlines.

Sometimes, though, you’re just not metaphorically standing far back enough to see where savings can be made. That’s why a telecoms audit, which Planet Numbers offers for free, can really help.

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