If you can afford it, you might think about purchasing two cars. That means you will have one for the summer months when the roads are a pleasure to drive on and one for winter when conditions can be a little dicier. If you think this idea is too expensive, there are ways to cut costs. You can lock the car you’re not using away in a garage. Then you can stop paying tax and insurance on it for the months where it is not in use. By doing this, you will have to pay two upfront charges for different cars. But, you will only have to pay maintenance on one at a time. If you like this idea, you should then consider what type of vehicle to buy for the winter season.

On this post, we’re not going to talk in depth about specific cars. Instead, we’re going to offer a look at the type of features and factors that should be part of the vehicle you choose to buy.

High Suspension

We know that some of the luxurious brands of 4×4 SUVs have sonar built in as part of their operating systems. This means that if you are trudging through serious levels of water, it will alert you if you’re about to hit a pothole or log underwater. If you are planning on taking your car offroad, this might be helpful. But for daily winter driving, we think this is slight overkill. Instead, you should be looking at the car suspension. Generally speaking, you want a car that is quite high up. This will mean when driving through flooded roads you will have less chance of flooding the engine. As well as this, a higher suspension can lead to a more comfortable drive on rough highways. The type of car you are looking for could be a Jeep from the Pentagon-Group. This is one of the top brands of SUV available to buy.

It’s worth pointing out that some of the best 4x4s will warn you when the water level is getting too high. This could be a feature worth looking out for.

Four Wheel Drive

It should be obvious why you want a car with four wheel drive for the winter months. But we can put the situation in perspective just in case it isn’t. If you have a rear wheel drive car, you’ll have a lot of power at the back. This can make it an excellent sports car without losing any handling in the best road conditions. However, if the road conditions are poor, you want the control of the car to be more balanced. That’s why you should be looking to drive a car with four wheel power in the winter months. You will have more stability on roads with ice and rain water.


Lastly, there are some makes of car that are renowned for breaking down. We won’t mention them here because you can research yourself. Likewise, there are others that have a history of never breaking down no matter what you do to them. It seems clear then that if you are driving in bad weather, you will want the latter, not the former.

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