The whole world is waiting for upcoming 2012 Mobile World Congress which is the biggest mobile event. Gadget lovers are expecting a lot from this year’s MWC because it is anticipated that tech giants are going to unveil something different and something unique to stand firm in this cut-throat competition. Let’s see 2012 MWC will meet the expectations of users like 2011 Mobile World Congress or it will be just a simple gadget show.

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Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Nokia, ZTE, Acer and Microsoft are among the most prominent names of tech industry and people are keeping an eye on their strategic and innovative moves in MWC.

1. Nokia

With the aim of Connecting People, Nokia will unveil some exciting new phones in MWC. Most probably it will launch a new Windows Phone a part from Tablets with ground-breaking features and matchless performance.

2. Sony

Sony amazed the world with complete overtake of Sony Ericsson and now we can expect lot more from Sony Mobile Corporation in MWC 2012. It is predicted that Sony will add more gadgets in its Xperia Profile as this product line is gaining immense popularity among mobile users.

3. HTC

HTC always brings something new and exiting in international events and same we can expect it from MWC. HTC Edge, HTC Ville and HTC Endeavor are most anticipated entries from this Taiwanese Brand. Rumors are around the corner that it will also unveil a spectacular 10-inch Tablet in this upcoming mobile event.

4. Samsung

Some exciting and pleasant surprises in form of brand new Smartphones are expected from Samsung and Galaxy S3 could be one among them. Experts of tech industry are eagerly waiting for Samsung strategic moves and they have anticipated that it will try to act smartly with the launch of awe-inspiring Smartphones in Mobile World Congress.

5. LG

Solid chances are there LG will unveil quad core mobile in 2012 MWC with spectacular features like HD display of 4.7 inches, internal memory of 16GB, 8MP camera on back side, 1.3MP on front for video calling and being  a Android gadget it might be available with Ice-Cream Sandwich.

6. ZTE

ZTE will launch exciting range of handsets in upcoming international mobile congress. Knowing the importance of Android technology ZTE will launch some phones on Android platform. Desires of Windows phone lovers will be fulfilled with most anticipated launch of Windows phone equipped with latest technological features.

7. Microsoft

It seems to be Microsoft has planned some thing different for this year’s MWC and it is anticipated that Tango and a Windows 8 Phone Apollo will be launched this year. Well nothing can be said for sure until the actual event take place. Keep your fingers crossed for lot more surprises.

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