Remote employment, the BYOD culture (bring your own device) and UC (unified communications) are the latest efficiency trends in businesses. Since enterprises are operating on tougher competitive conditions, it is no wonder why every organization wants to give his customer a 24/7 presence, i.e. all businesses want their employees and representatives to be available to the customers every second of each day.

As more enterprises become aware of VoIP and UC, and as they learn how they can integrate all their communication modes into one model, they tend to show an inclination towards UC. The industry saw a 27 percent rise last year and is expected to go beyond $12 million in the next 3-4 years.

A recent study where 2,000 random American SMBs were surveyed, some striking facts were uncovered:

  • The ability to have all modes of communication combined into one was cited as a primary benefit.
  • Having single number across for all communication was the most important factor for business owners and their employees. (known as single number identity)
  • Almost two out of every three respondents say they have no means to find out about user’s presence on one or more devices (known as presence information).

What This Research Did

The first question asked was what phones are used for business to which 77 percent owners and 76 percent employees said they use personal phone (cell phone).



Next, they were asked how many phones were used and if they had a single-number identity. Only 9% owners and 11% employees said all their phones shared single-number identity. Nearly 85% owners and 66% employees use a home phone, a personal phone, or a mishmash of both.




The problems with this are clear – calls and voicemails are missed and contact details and directories get too jinxed up. And since many owners and employees are still unaware of UC, they don’t realize how VoIP can solve all these problems.




It is ironic that VoIP is a core need of any business to cope with all channels and nearly 27% owners and 24% owners refer to UC as the most important aspect of communications, yet most businesses are unaware.

It is essentially not possible for a worker to stay in touch with a customer without single-number identity or without UC. A lot of business opportunities are also missed out in absence of uni-com; a heap of contacts and information is lost when a employee, using cell phones to contact customers, leaves the company.

Voicemail and call forwarding are also two of the more demanded features which enable more access and grant an improved sense of presence to organizations. Needless to say, both are part of UC and VoIP solutions.

UC can also help small and medium enterprises to find out about user’s current availability status. This was also a major concern for most employers and workers as 62% owners and 68% employees had no means to find out.



Conversely, when all channels are interlinked, presence becomes unified presence and the info becomes UPI (unified presence information). This means no time wasted in phone tagging. Imagine how many new opportunities and dimensions can be explored with UC communications merged in operations?

A surprising 29% of respondents acclaimed the core benefit of UC along with others like fewer-miss outs, enhanced accessibility and increased efficiency.



It became evident from the survey that the majority uses personal phone, home phone, or their communication while fewer than 10% have phones that are assigned the same number. However, employers and their workers understand the real need of the business, to never miss out on important information. Unfortunately, phone tags are still common as two-thirds of SMB owners and workers have no means of finding out about the party’s presence.

To successfully analyze the need and integrate unified communications into business strategy, employers need to assess whether the staff is missing out when they are unavailable and whether there meetings could be arranged virtually so weak points can be identified and operations can be enhanced.
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