3G and 4G is being discussed a lot. For some these are very confusing terms used around and for some terms are not confusing but the difference between these terms is definitely a question needs clarification and is therefore being discussed a lot. Let us first understand that ‘G’ stands for generation. 3G and 4G refer to third and fourth generations of mobile and internet technology. It started with analog mobile networks as first generation of mobile technology. Then second generation brought the GSM technology which introduced the idea on SMS, MMS and GPRS and also included the internet usage. These ideas of SMS, MMS and internet were taken further by 3G and 3G made a difference. 4G has taken the 3G to the next level. Let us go into detail to have a comparison between 3G and 4G.

3G technology is based on Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems (UMTS). UMTS combines the second generation’s introduced concepts with advanced technology and protocols which facilitates the multi-user environment where multiple users can transmit data on the same frequency using multiplexing. On the other hand 3G based system also uses improved and much more secured encryption algorithm for signal transmission allowing efficient transmission with power efficiency.

The 4G network is based on Advanced Long Term Evolution (LTE – Advanced). LTE is actually a series of upgrades to UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Technology) which has been the base for 3G. 4G has boosted the peak downloads and uploads. With 4G latency has reduced and network congestion has lowered significantly. 4G has brought significantly fast speed. The speed can be raised three four times or to even ten times better than 3G. During last year the average speed was ranged between 3.5 and 13 megabytes. 4G is more Efficient when it comes to Audio or Video streaming. It even eats less battery and is also power efficient. 4G can give you highest speed of internet. 4G supports higher speed and higher number of users through the width of frequencies you can send and receive. It supports user-wise allocated frequencies for transmission without direct interruption. User experience with 4G is remarkably improved during peak times.

Reliability level of 4G is also much higher than 3G. Its lower latency due to more continuity of connection provides a sense of relief for the users who desperately prefer less rate of disconnections or data drops. Even a normal user also prefers the same. Due to improved technology 4G provides reduced network congestion which really makes it more reliable. Coverage is one of the important factors to be considered. 4G mobile on 4G network makes a big difference but 4G mobile on 3G network will make no difference as such. In fact it will actually be more costly as speed will remain of 3G but on the cost of 4G. Therefore, it is necessary to have a research on available networks.

People go into comparison particularly when they need to decide whether they should go for a 3G phone or 4G phone. Even some analyze the differences to make a decision whether they should go for new technology and should buy a 4G phone or should stick with the existing 3G phone. While making this decision the above mentioned factor of network coverage has to be kept into mind. Purchasing a 4G phone without having a 4G network is of no benefit. 4G phone on 3G network will give the speed of 3G therefore in such scenario the 4G actually is just an additional cost. Furthermore phone set will continuously looking for 4G network which will result in decreasing battery performance. A common use of upcoming technologies is the internet usage. Either using internet on the mobile set or on laptop while connecting it to the mobile set both ways browsing speed matters a lot and 4G supports such users. 4G is a blessing for internet users of video streaming. With the new technology and option of sharing videos the video streaming users are increasing. People not only like to watch the videos online but also share different videos related to family, friends and formal or informal gatherings. Furthermore the availability of camera phones have facilitated to record and upload then & there.

Having said that the 4G mobile on 3G network can be very useful for the users who are really desperate of having a relief for network congestion. Though the network will be 3G but a big relief will be experienced from network congestions. Furthermore using a 4G mobile on 3G network will facilitate a controlled traffic for data transmission on internet avoiding network congestions. User need to keep in mind that the network congestion problem will be resolved but the allowed data limited will be achieved earlier than usual time therefore package details have to be considered.

The question remains that what is the preference of the user? If a user can compromise battery life over network and internet usage then even running a 4G phone over 3G network is very beneficial. It has been observed that users do prefer the network and internet usage over long battery life. Therefore, they opt to go for a 4G mobile set even if 4G network is not available because the preference is of continuous and reliable network with less traffic congestions. Therefore whether to go for 4G technology or to stay with 3G is ultimately decided on the preference of user.

4G being the latest technology will bring more and more advancement to front and all the mobile phone manufacturers will move their focus on 4G mobiles and all mobile network service providers will move their focus to 4G networks because all will prefer to divert their investments and spending to the latest technologies to get maximum return on investment. This will bring more and more advancement in the technology which will eventually provide a better user experience with more and more speedy data transmission, much lower latency, more and more reliable connectivity and minimum network congestion.

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