The Hoverbike is a rather intriguing and unique innovation that practically combines a motorcycle and helicopter together to create a fascinating concept. This unit combines many appealing features of both together to create an efficient and unique vehicle for all sorts of operating purposes.

This uses a flat twin four-stroke engine at 1170cc and two oak propellers that uses carbon fiber edges. It works alongside an electronic intake fuel system and an air-cooled body that keeps the unit running in the sky without risking any overheating or other commonplace problems that may get in the way of how it works.

This has been tested with a drone that is about a third of the size of the planned finished project. The unit is designed with a sturdy body and even comes with a loading bay that can carry items on its underside for all sorts of purposes. This could even be adapted as a machine used to put out fires if necessary.

After the user lands the Hoverbike and turns off the controller it can be folded down to about a third of its normal size. This allows the user to quickly store the bike for later use without worrying about the bike being far too hard to handle or carry around. It even has a few LED lights on its sides to make it easier to see in the dark.

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