Plasma TV

Selecting Plasma, LCD or LED for your TV lounge or bedroom may become hectic or frightening if you do not have much knowledge or understanding with the current TV technologies. What should you buy, LCD HDTV or Plasma HDTV? Alternatively, you should go for luxurious that you feel that this LED will best suit your bedroom decoration. Selecting from plasma and LCD is much debatable topic and complicated too because of advance technology involvement. The tips mentioned below will help you to select the HDTV that is best suitable for you location and depending upon your needs.

Photo by MR. SHEMON
Photo by MR. SHEMON

Plasma TV screen is larger and superior in picture quality than LCD. LCDs have done a lot of business in market and these two technologies have captured the market. In this scenario, LED TVs are new comers but draw back is that they are much costly. Just imagine the technology of LED TVs. In upcoming days, LEDs will be as thin as you credit cards are. Most probably LEDs will dangle on you wall like wallpaper. This is not good to buy LED just now. Go for Plasma or LCD because these two have success stories in market. Wait until the LEDs TV become common market electronics and their prices drops too enough to support your treasure.

  • Plasma is a long run ahead from LCD for contrast ratio. Contrast ratio is the divergence between the darkest darks and whitest white. Revision of technology in LCD screens has much increased the contrast ratio but LCD is still behind to beat Plasma.
  • Focus your mind that what is you priority? If you want to use your TV for still images or second computer monitor then LCD is the best choice. Keep in mind that flat screen computers monitors are actually LCD based technology and they produce best results to view still images.
  • Plasma is successful for affecting images, such as fast scene movies, trail prospect movies. Plasma comes first. LCDs are good enough but they are still behind Plasma. Plasma has definitely edge over LCD. Plasma TV can be viewed from all sides. If your plasma has a small space to decorate then do not worry this did not really matter.
  • LCD and Plasma both have same lifetimes. The factor that depends upon is manufacturer. It means that what ever you are planning to buy, must underline the manufacturer rating. Do not run behind the manufacturer comments, some time they are false. To clear your mind read online reviews about the TVs. You must visit to view your selecting choice on local electronics stores.
  • Plasma TVs have shown their remarkable presence in large HDTVs. These large HDTVs have a size of 50 inches are higher. For brilliant quality, these big imaging devices have complex electronics engineering. This is good to buy plasma if you have decided for big picture. Manufacturers like LG and Samsung are delivering very large Plasma screen and they are proved good in quality.
  • LCDs are used with computer monitors because their power consumption is less. Therefore, those LCDs are popular with CPUs. Why this happens? Quite simple, Plasma TVs uses neon gas inside and more electricity is required to light it up. The consumption of LCD TVs is half than Plasma TVs. This is simply because the neon gas that is inside a plasma TV takes more electricity to light it up. The LCD TVs use about half the power generally.
  • Paying $ 2,000 or paying its double definitely makes a difference. Have a little bit survey before spending you money. Spending extra money on any model will show you the enough quality difference.

In the end, choosing the shining display technology depends upon your knowledge. It will better to have knowledge about the pros and cons with respect to you requirements and limitations.

Plasma TV

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  2. the latest technology in toady is LED LCD combination .in old LCD the CCFL(cold cathode fluorescent lamp) is replaced by LED array.

  3. I am so grateful for your article.Really thank you!

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